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This post started out innocently (no it didn’t) enough until I started emailing myself pictures from my phone and then kept going and going and then 70 later blahaha why god whyyy too much it’s just too much. All the deadlines I’ve got real or imagined are driving me bonkers. I’ve got no focus. I just danced around in my underwear after plugging my phone in on the other side of the room to help me hyper focus and then that turned in to a conceited underwear ritual of sexy movement and by sexy I mean Mary Katharine Gallagher meets Tori Amos. Barf. I blame Florence. One of my top ten daily rotated tracks.

Whatever it’s summer have fun with it. I have one week to myself til Teach is off school for good which is also stressing me out but in a fun way.

So this is a goof-off post as no one expects much from me anyway and I just remembered it’s ME Monday and the second half of the zoo post can wait. Like the mexicans Sal Paradise hung, lived, and worked with say in On the Road, Mañana. Here’s a quote,

“Sure baby, mañana. It was always mañana. For the next few weeks that was all I heard––mañana a lovely word and one that probably means heaven.”

― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

This was a grand time, save for the downpour. Which was also kinda fun but maybe that’s how I am sick again or still sick. It’s making my lids heavy. Don’t worry I am fighting it.

Oh hi there. Yesterday we had dinner at spice route. Sundays they have a tasting buffet menu only and they ply you with food it was awesome. Martinis are $5 too.

That’s where the superheros sit and talk business.

You see this when you die. We rick-rolled this party. That shirt Bech is wearing was one of the first most expensive shirts I ever bought. I don’t like wasting money so it was a big deal to me even though it was just $115 or something. Plus the dry cleaning cost me $30 (it’s silk). You get to borrow it Bech.

I pigged out.

I emailed this to Bechnique, “lol wtf” and she said, “Bhahaha….something shoot out of there.” and I said, “bahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahaha.” That is all. There’s just so much crap on the splash pad and in this day and age of blog-photography and events (drinking) you end up posing by the dumbest shit.

What if you were floating in this pool and then a rhinocerous stampede happened? I would piss myself. Peeing in your OOL.

Fish and guac on a wonton. Colleague can tell me the who and what in the vomments. Or not.


Water shoots out of the duck butt. RIDINKULOUS. No, RIBUTTULOUS.

Rain frowns. Raymeman.

Psyche! This was so fun. It was warm and we were on a splash pad the place to be if it gets wet. My purse was protected from the rain it was party time excellent except for when I cried.

Wally World we made it!

I was a-scurred the whole way there.

On this day, Wednesday? Tuesday/Wednesday I sweated out pints of sweaty sweat like it was mawfuckin Trainspotting ugh. BUT it worked my fever and sick (the majority of) left my system. Then we ordered tortilla flats (FATS) and watched tv as I traveled in and out of consciousness. Or someone could go on my Twitter and tell me what I did.

Dad’s naybe’s ride.

Dad I turned your pin into a fridge magnet.

Went out like this to get Coffee in Burnoutington. It was a bit of a scene.

Don’t fight the coug or the coug fights you.

Curly had many expensive dogs. My grade five speech was on the 3 Stooges.

Sometimes it feels like I should get a round of applause afterwards too.



This is me.

Dad’s spotless pad.

RTM was here.

Hello Rocky Raccoon.


LOVE The Joshua Tree album. Undyingly so.

It was a nice and chill Father’s Day that I looked forward too just for the nxne week to be over I needed a city break.

Forced my dad to drive me to McD’s once he picked me up from the station, then to the champagne store afterward of course. He’s like no we are getting pizza! Yeah no problem I’ll eat that too.

Digging the shiny loonies.

That looks stressful to construct.

If thy lady doth make you feel good then show it.

Lumpy legs? Preposterous.

That’s my Jennay (Gump voice).

Gaydorable. Hey it’s pride this w/e! SWEET.

Welcome to Dynasty I’m your hoser host Lazy the Minx esq.

Nosin’ this red. Mmm.

I want this for dinner.

Good times.

I like the cohesion of the diff levels of my teeth and the skyline.

First time wearing my dress out. I took it off instantly on the roof so it didn’t really count.

I’m going to get a new bikini from Holt v soon. One that matches. These bottoms are from my Grinch costume.

I should get the matching top already. I will. AA wishlist.

Before that mimosas with Tanya at the Dog and Bear. It was a heatwave scorcher out and we sweated our balls off back there. Now experiencing Tanya withdrawal! I did my nails at the table when people left yes I know it’s rude but I ran out of time.

I’ve had these since I was 21. They are kind of like Rugby shoes IMO. I like old man fashions thanks to my inner tomboy. They need to be upgraded.

I need more leotards.

Yesterday at the movies. We were silly from dinner drinks also it’s like I don’t go out much so it was an event, which is how I do. Okay time for some juice have a wonderful afternoon.

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