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Ms. Mia Wallace is the best! Best discounts and on the best quality toys for girls and boys. Get your MIA for 40% off – $47 reg price $79 this is a powerful gal and a good time you betcha I look forward to our summer together lol.

There she is!

And if the sight of PCs make you puke here is a mac!

Perverts’ comment beneath this pic on my flickr: “love a hot women that comes prepared!” also is that british currency. Exxxtra sexy.

Oh my god so many lipsticks!

So cute! Okay bye TGIFME!

2 thoughts on “Ms. Mia Wallace

  1. Hi Raymi,
    Looking at those toys and your vid kind of makes me wish I was a chick just so I could try them out. Ok, I’m half kidding. Toys have come a long way haven’t they? Those look pretty cool. If a guy buys them are there any etiquette rules as to who he can gift them to? Oh, and great t-shirt pics too!

  2. And if there’s a body cavity search at customs it will be good to have it there to ensure you walk away fully satisfied. Ew. What the hell am I on about half the time?

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