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I am reliving and giving

To match my booty tooch.

I know I’m not skinny enough to be but I look like Olive Oil here with my tits that way I think heheh. Why did I wear such a sweltering outfit yesterday?

Family portrait. Parkdale boys club meeting with team Yay Cray look how cool I think I am.

Summer ain’t no bummer.

Look I am so goth. Hi Rob. He always feeds me with compliments and big brotherly advice i just have to remember it now lol. We danced the night away, all of us. I broke out some fakedance (breakdance) moves too and impressed strangers even.

Jules got her braces off! She turns 21 this summer then is going to San Fran. She’s our baby we are very proud of her and all get weepy for our youth in her presence. She’s also smarter than us sometimes too haha.

And now we got another reason to go to SF. When you find out where I’ll be staying you will be blown through a wall mind blown.

He had lots of wigs and beard changes I liked that and the tunes were great.

The family camera is on a perma-macro setting we can’t get off or no one has the patience to.

My dancey sweaty made my makeup go cray as did the moisture in the air from the rain and I’m getting more tanned so I might have to go darker in a tone.

I was insistent on a fanfare entrance to Salvador Darling so we nicked balloons from some buskers. I didn’t go out for St. Pat’s this year as a matter of fact so I got my green props fill in these baboons yeah.

Some guy on FB was like is this a recent pic? about another one of me with the balloons I’ll get to soon and I was like yes it’s from last night, cos this could totally be from years ago, I do not look aged anymore that’s what they are all saying!

Green Fairy. This is the pic.

Jules collects horny mobs of men groupies everywhere we go and she doesn’t even care, breaks hearts all over the place bahaha love it.

Courtney and I still giving good face after all these years. I remember she said once that the women in her family have good faces. I believe you! Luckily mine does too so we can remain friends (aged 4 days apart).

Classic Lauren pose. I’ve been introducing myself as Lauren (LUHREN!!!!!!!) lately periodically I don’t know why, then it just confuses everybody. I like that name. It’s pretty.

You know what else I like? Sliders.

Jalapeno mash. I was expecting literally for jalapenos to me mashed up in a big pile. Sometimes baby’s brain turns off thare thare little one. We had to accommodate Bech’s gluten allergy so we ordered an interesting medley of foods from School (a place I wanna get tight with cos they are mega-amazing!) and cos of the rain we stayed there for a long time instead of going to the beer tents. Standing around drinking beer makes me look 7 months pregnant bloated.

Yeah buddy! Last time Courtney and I came here for our Birthday luncheon they had to kick us out for their staff meeting. They tweeted at her last night that we missed their staff meeting this week haha so cheeky.

No more braces. Mum show this to uncle Mike.

Dig the Snow White theme. Can’t wait to see both those flicks!

The Friendly Cheerleader!

It monsooned like a mother.

Love it. Sent it to my dad. Okay bye bye have a great night!

14 thoughts on “I am reliving and giving

  1. Booty tooch? You love those shorts. They really show off how lumpy yr legs are. And yr hair is green. Aside fr yr lumpy legs, you have the body of a twelve yr old boy. Yr nose is huge. And yr ugly.

  2. They never hurt me ma. as for pics you will have to be patient. AHAHh fuck you crissy you wish I had lumpy legs!!! My ass/thighs are better than a stripper’s/porn starlette’s combined.

  3. wtf? Your hair is also not green.

    LOVE the no-braces smile, Jules! Gorgeous before and after :)

    It’s only June 11, how are you already so tanned Raymes?

  4. I seriously don’t know why you post negative comments from trolls?? They are very sad bitter souls and can only see things in black. Why even bother with them?

  5. I just find negative, critical people who put others down thinking it will elevate themselves quite a sad lot. It has the opposite effect and anyone with half a brain sees right through the abusive sadness.

  6. Yes I know internet hate is tired and old. I approve and block their IP then move on with my life. You have left this same comment a billion times before here, we get it. Have a nice day mom love you.

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