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Raymi the Vet

Hi Guy Smiley here on the scene reporting live from 1994 (when Street Fighter came out).

Ain’t no party like a Street Fighter party ‘cept maybe for a Mortal Kombat one. Mebbe.

Okay so like we went to this tewtally killer party last night bro and there were all these people there and we got totally annihilated and played video games on the big screen (street fighter obviously as well as a race car explosions game TUBULAR stuff) and then we street fought ate popcorn and I mc’d the costume party off the cuff and pulled it off completely. I’ll watch the video of it later and see whether it’s suitable or not for public consumption sharesies.

I lost three times in a row to the same guy playing this. But I beat the owner (Jonathan) of the theatre in car racing. Drunk video game driving on a theatre screen is the breast. I believe I peaked with this statement about it today though, “Pew pew explosion pew pew vroom vroom beep honk EXPLOSIONS.”

I was a bit lethal with my costume critiques (it’s what they wanted) but I was also very fair and nice and I even let some guy in the audience in no costume whatsoever win a prize because I am the nicest most generous human being on the planet if not this entire solar system. The roller derby girls liked my schtick too. Schtick? What schtick this is how I am, man.

Seat’s taken. It was very nice being the guest of honour and having dranks brought up to me (and the girls) plus cab fare to and fro! So many sugary drinks oh god it felt like being on a ship cos the floor was slanted in the foyer and then again in the theatre, trying to counter-balance that in mary jane wedges, complete boozy nightmare voyage adventure and the tropical umbrellas added to the allure, no complaints here. Btw I started wearing mary janes again cos I am no longer blond (too much of a Courtney Love combo) no one guessed that Raymi Trivia Q I put out there weeks ago. tsk.

We had a grand time and all who came out got their, whatever they wanted to get out of it, out of it. Many people even came away with personally tailored nicknames by yours truly, turtleneck somewhat seen here too. I liked his pretentious turtleneck.

Julesy Booboodoodoo was on the scene tornado kickin the streets away.

I will be totally fine if we get in to a street fight sometime this summer or you know, a fake one.

I may just have another screening party here sometime in the future. Any f-ing movie I want! Then bring xbox video games to play afterward or if my attention span wanes (it will) halfway through my stupid boring movie turn it off and play toy story 3 on xbox.

The taekwondo guy was not expecting our Julesy I was thinking ooh just you wait while rubbing my hands together anticipatorily.

Anybody with night vision goggles woulda been amused in watching us trying to navigate all our drinks and bodies and stuff into the back left aisle there’s like this uneven wooden riser platform to negotiate I was tapping the air with my foot for a long time three blind mice styles. Adorabz. Those gloves originate from my Gulag burlesque performance btw. I don’t think I ever got them back on in time though! ha.

Militia shit turns me on. I’ve seen a lot of war films.

Thanks again everyone for having us we really enjoyed ourselves and I love being included in shit like this ya I do you know it!

I think there were some crushes going around too lol.

Timing our kick shots was hard. Impossible.

Hotkward. I felt like Tina Fey at certain points on the microphone. More like micro-OWNED.

I cracked that Cyrus made this entire party built around his outfit that he loves haha. His friend is the taekwondo guy too so it makes sense. I learned Cyrus’ entire dirty history within seconds of meeting him pretty funny also he told Ted that “Raymi is like a celebrity and shit so respect man.” Ted won a prize for his costume too you’re welcome. Also you’re welcome for not divulging your juicy secrets on my blob.

Kick fail #235 I mean we can kick but the timing and the camera, not so.

Rebecca liked this one and you can barely notice me over her crotch area. Lookin’ fit damn girl it’s a print.

Most amazing pants ever they kept me contained all w/e long and stretched with me. 3F rules.

I was going for a facts of life kinda thing.

We liked Ted. I made all costumed persons perform a special skill or talent on the stage to help us determine their worthiness. It was funny. No idea what the hell Ted did but he was gonna win anyway. Everyone was like who are you supposed to be (to me). None of your business that’s who. I couldn’t remember anyone other than Chun Li. There were tons of army dudes in the flick so I was like there I am one of those guys okay people there thanks.

But of course.

Shout outs to Sean W for coming out too!

At least I am blinking. While you were blinking is a hotly anticipated sequel flick to While you were sleeping. It’s not a very long movie though.

Thursday saw me making my fourth music video cameo, these are some other shots from that.

Here I am sprinting.

Doing this with the Maestro watching was amazing.

I liked the fox and Rebecca liked the giraffe.

That’s Maestro in the Statue of Liberty tracksuit jacket I wasn’t sure how paparazzi I’d get so I just wanted this sneaky one in case it wouldn’t happen.

Now I wanna throw on some Tina Turner.

Pizza party.

Pickin’ out some toys.

and publish.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I’m an old fan who found you through a link on Matthew Good’s blog back in ’04/’05 and have recently rediscovered your blog. Looks like you’re still having the time of your life, and it’s admirable. If I weren’t 3000 miles away, I would have been at that Street Fighter event for sure!

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