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Cavalia Odysseo VIP Experience

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Cavalia Odysseo the VIP Experience guest post by Heather. Sadly I could not make it to this one so I sent my camera girl/producer, she LOVED it and I am still jealous. Read along for why. I saw ads for this in Quebec city last summer and dreamily longed to attend a show, then I was invited to go two weeks ago but was booked for that particular evening. I needed to pass along the VIPLEASE to someone else cos I knew it would be not to be missed!

Spent the day shooting w/ Raymi, and she ended up double booked for the evening, so she offered me two VIP passes to the Cavalia: Odysseo show in Toronto, located temporarily in the giant white tent in the Portlands. It was only a few hours before show time, so I rushed home and quickly changed, and recruited my friend Kat to come with me.

Kat loving it.

The cab dropped me at the entrance, just off Lakeshore East, slightly west of Cherry. I zoomed over to the Rendezvous Entrance, where I was greeted by a lovely lady, and quickly grabbed my lanyard and headed into the arena for the show. Kat was stuck in traffic, and she made the opening with minutes to spare (the alternative would have been drinking alone in the VIP lounge, which would have been not much of a purgatory, as everything is free).

First impressions….there are no bad seats in the arena (2900 seats), everything is pretty close to the action. I’m talking metres away from the show, so close, that you actually feel apart of the show. I’ve never gone to a show quite like this, the closest (and totally incomparable) would be an old fashioned circus.

I feel like Cavalia: Odysseo should have an unofficial motto: “Yes, we have horses & other stuff, but this is not the circus. This will be one of the best live shows you will ever see.”

horsies. Neigh Little Raymis, neigh.

Things start off simple, a song and an introductory performance of the horses with various riders. The stage floor seems like the set of a play, and slowly expands into a great expanse, tilted up in the rear to give amazing views to the upper rows, but also providing many optical illusions that work in with the theme of each of the night’s performances.

This show really has a bit of everything: African dancers, clogging, acrobats, horse jumping, horse tricks, girls & guys dangling from the upper set pieces in elaborate silk riggings, men wearing spring feet who jump metres in the air….and so much more.

One of the things I kept noticing is how safe everything is. If a horse goes a little bit off course, a helping hand is always ready to direct the animal back where it should be going. During the horse jumping, the standards are held by performers, and they correct any lower jumps almost by instinct, making the show seamless, even with the very few tiny errors that are common when performing with live animals.

The other awesome touch: they raise the house lights once and awhile, to allow the horses to view the audience, and they also curtsey to the audience. It was beautifully done.

Intermission. So my bag baby.

You can really see how much work goes into the planning and rehearsals of this show, not to mention, every day of its production. You can also tell how much the horses love their trainers, and how they do really enjoy putting on a show, and pleasing the audience. The trust the horses have in their trainers is blatant.

I really don’t want to give away all the secrets of the show. I do suggest checking it out, as it will blow your mind. There were two small children sitting beside us during the show, they were sitting on the edges of their seats, absolutely mesmerized by the performances, even though it was well past their bedtimes.

I also cannot remember how many times me and Kat were jaw-droppingly shocked by what was going on. There were even guys riding horses while upside down, barely clinging to the sides of their saddles. I have seriously never seen anything like this, and I plan on catching any of their future shows. I don’t think any other performance of anything has ever excited me as much as this show.

As for the rest of the VIP experience… We were too late to enjoy the pre-show meal & drinks, but we did hit up the intermission dessert buffet & drinks, and we enjoyed the outdoor patio area, that has a spectacular view of downtown Toronto. The after show included a meet & greet with a few of that nights performers, as well as a meet & greet with a few of the horses. The perfect gift for any horse lover.

All & all, it was a surprise for me to attend this show so last minute, and I am very grateful, as it was spectacular, and totally unforgettable. Thanks Raymi! And thank you Cavalia Odysseo for such an amazing experience!!!

And thank you Heather! xo your pal Raymi.

Also they’ve extended the run of the program due to overwhelming demand! Check the calendar for dates and seats.

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