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Brunch me in the face

I bet you’d love to wouldn’t you? Boom are great in that way, I was fungry bordering on Hangry (f-ing hungry + hungry angry) so I skipperdee’d on over for a brew and a meal to fuel up for longboarding my heart out.

First I showed up looking like a greasy nerd and that shirt after sweating profusely in it in the sun all day needs to be torched. I need more of these shirts.

Love me some fitted shirts. Tony hooked it up. I like the direction you’re taking with the teeny shirts big time. Wore this out last night and partied in it a little bit, sponsor my party body! Genius. Like a Nascar driver.

This back room is going to have a makeover this week and Boom will have a new menu launch as well. Looking forward to that, I love how they change it up and the cheeky menu names it’s like a scavenger hunt reading that thing, very quirky which is eggzactly me.

Too bad this is blurry. My badonk doth ba-DONK.

This is the OH CANADA – “Best” peameal bacon and each eggs benny dish (there’s five!) consist of two extra-large poached eggs served on a toasted English muffin, with hollandaise sauce, BOOM frites, and fresh fruit garnish. Ballin’.

Yummy frites. They season ‘em like mawfcuka. Rosemary salt all that good stuff toss it in a big bowl put it on the plate BLAMMO!

And your hero had the KISSADILLAS – two eggs scrambled with chorizo, onions and cheddar cheese wrapped in a tortilla and garnished with salsa, refried beans, sour cream and BOOM frites. I like the innovative tortilla cups too. It’s not at all greasy and I did not go in to a food coma afterward. Boom food is great.

See my two missing nail polish fingers. I kind of like it? Not today though. My hands are majorly tanned now btw. That’s not good.

I needed to carb up.

Stylish place.

Two women stopped to admire my shorts and compliment them profusely “They are good quality!” “Very nice shorts” thanks! They were Italian I think, they get it, exotic sexy people.

Bum Bum Lauren is my family nickname. My mom never cared about me showing my nipples because she knew my arse was the money pot. Well, you don’t say Tracey! Though I think you just did. I am excited to get super toned from skating all summer and get better too. Yes I am careful. I’m going to install a BE CAREFUL jar for all you guys to throw me a dollar every time you repeat that. See you next week Tony :)!

After some patio dranks and before second round of longboarding. There is one hill in High park I will conquer, I start in the middle then go the rest of the way down. You just get too much speed but it levels out flat in the end which is fine I just have to get over my speed wobble fear.

Aw how darling at Salvador Darling. Lela’s roommate wanted some piece and quiet from Rebecca’s huge mouth so we had to go. Ha.

I just remembered I had a drag of a cigarette last night (for photographic purposes only) and it was disgusting and probably why I feel ten times more like sh- today. Great. Please don’t let me do that again ok thank yew.

Sean is throwing a party here tomorrow night. Hide your daughters! See you then. He plays great tunes. I will be the one dancing on the wall.

I’ll go through mystery camera now.

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  1. dat asssss

    also thank you for saying your cig peice i quit in nov and actually had a craving today now when i drink tonight i wont because ill be all like well raymes did it and felt like shiii so i shouldnt

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