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Bored? Board!

I am way better now, more competent and can do a 180 hop turn! Stoked. So in to longboarding again. I need some new gear to wear though *hint* also maybe a sport beverage too, I can hold things while longboarding. I want to make a video with colleague’s go pro camera. Okay bye. -Marty Mcfly.

Also this song is about me, ha.

ps. my new excuse (deterrent method) is: soft yes, hard maybe. Try it and hey, you’re welcome.

9 thoughts on “Bored? Board!

  1. When I got my new skateboard years ago, first thing I did was go to the top of a big hill. As soon as I took that second foot off the ground, I was going about a million miles an hour.
    I bailed!
    I liked the videos!

  2. you get speed quick on hills. maybe start in the middle and be sure it levels out at the bottom so you slow down and don’t eat it.

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