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Rooftop soap opera

11 thoughts on “Rooftop soap opera

  1. this video just made me laugh the sand right out of my hair
    its like your dancing from the future, is that how they dance in the future? teach me your futuristic ways jajaja

  2. Do I do anything?! Why yes! A girl of 100 talents…I’m a painter, chef, I run my own business of legal services (not a lawyer. Process server)…a couple examples. I live down the street. Raymi and I muse each other. We love our comedy.

  3. damn… everyone’s got a muse… I want one!! Is there a website for that?

    Hey wait… “Find Your Muse”… it could be like a dating site… I could have a questionnaire… you know — “we match you to your muse on 50 different levels of compatibility” … “more muses found here then anywhere else”… “don’t spend another day without your muse”!!

    Wow… this could big…

    But it’s my idea… no fair stealing it…

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