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and now for the B roll

The last picture I took yesterday, now lets go backwards one week. Maybe two actually. I can’t tell time anymore.

Grindhouse basic burger with cheese. Amazing dip sauce for the fries plus I got to try the salsa for the spanish fly burger, wowzers.


Ha ha so emo.

Haha so housewife. Welcome to my garden.

I need nachos for this asap!

Race ya!

Chi chi no no’s toys.

Oh my god how I have missed lemon pepper wings.

And hurricanes. Doubles.

Love it.

If I wasn’t experiencing crippling menstrual cramps at the moment I’d go buy more hair dye, it is nowhere near looking like this at the moment. Think I have to go more brown less red.

Trade shows make you damn thirsty. This was Cinco de Mayo.

All it takes is sunshine.

And bright colours.

Start ‘em young. Oh my.

Christ. Ha. When you pick apart all the things women undergo to beautify it’s kind of gruesome, no?

Another day another burger. We missed brunch as usual.

Jean Grey it up.

Dying my hair dyed my Justin Bieber “baby” blue nail polish lilac!

Tuna melt to die for. Those are half hard boiled eggs beneath the cheese. Saved the pickle for Snooki.

Glad we filmed yesterday it was spectacular out.

That rooftop is heaven.

Ha ha samesies.

Wino Wednesdays! ANTM finale! Peace out! FTS!

9 thoughts on “and now for the B roll

  1. Love photo-licious posts like this one. Looks like summer is finally here!!

    Speaking of summer — what’s July look like for the Minx? And when is Wakestock? I should have airfare by June/July, and I’m coming to TO. Like it or lump it!

  2. I’m going away for a week in July to Cali I think and somewhere in June (that’s a secret) but not til after NXNE.

  3. There’s something about that picture of @bechnique in the blue top… I don’t know… I just can’t put my finger on it… oh well, you both look good in it!

    btw the first burger at the top of the post looks really, really good!!

  4. The second burger looks better than the first. I gotta be careful reading your blog when my wife is in the room. I never know what I might scroll down upon!

  5. the girl in the blue shirt is a babe. You are looking fantastics as always raymi. Keep it up

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