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The people versus Raymi the Minx

Here’s some behind the scenes photos from today’s work. We covered a lot of territory but who knows if what we shot was good? Awkward? Hotkward?

Oh what a day! My spine is in pain. I just massacred a burger at the grindhouse with my camera girl and PA took a cab home and put on my pajama clothes. One part pajama one part clothes. Heading over to Rebeccablah’s to watch creeps soon.

Sucks that on the way to my naybe territory I had to pass lots of shops of friend’s and whatnot, but too far out of the zone.

Ran in to so many people and turns out I am pretty famous after all *dusts shoulders off*. Everybody knows Raymi.

Sarah has her own section in this store. I’d never been in there before. I will go back to look at dresses for sure.

She made that shirt!

I talk with my hands. I talk a lot and pretty fast and I sound like a moron and I have verbal dyslexia.

Tom Cruise moment!


I wanted to be part of the mural.

They were on their way to a call and too busy to wave to me. FINE!

I have known Kristin as long as I have known my dress. Magic Pony opened a new store in the Junction too. Well you don’t say!

I need to be nyan cat’d up on this thing. Dad don’t try to figure out what that means, the internet is a very stupid place and even seems foreign to me sometimes.

That green guy over there says food blog. Okay? The artist is David Burger-something. And he is a vegetarian.

At 416 Snack Bar. Any bar that has absinthe has Raymi.

I wore this dress in a music video before.

Alternating shoes and glasses.

H K Dizzle on the scene. She put me in my first movie. Well, she made it happen. Okay same thing.

Sidesaddle is how you ride Toronto.

Oopsy saucy baby.

Had a tequila at the ‘shoe to loosen up.

It was a fun time.

I played director too.

“Now get me taking money out.” It’s compelling shit!


I made these girls blush and smile when I joked, oh ladies, come on. I like fucking with people and interacting on the street with strangers. Life is short, make people smile if you can.

Apron dress.

Roy Thomson Hall and I are both interesting shapes today!

Walk of shame walk of fame! Bye see you on tv.

9 thoughts on “The people versus Raymi the Minx

  1. Did you follow me to work today? That looks like more fun then how I take the streetcar that route.

  2. im sure there will be a discussion on your actual creeps post, but i see this post – i love the sunglasses photo at the top – and it strikes up even more questions as to just what in the fuck they are looking for. i seriously thought you had that IN THE BAG.

  3. Just watched yr creeps episode. Bahahaha you are soooo unfriendly and ugly. Nothing at all likeable about you. As if mtv would ever give you yr own show. Who would watch, i can barely stand you for the few minutes you were on this show. You blew it big time! Now maybe you will get off your high horse. As we can all see nothing interesting about you.

  4. love that orangey-red dress! especially the yellow tie. it must be fun coordinating your new hair color with everything!

  5. Piss off Crissy you no good nothing!

    Our first creeps segments were fun filled with laughing and joking
    this last segment, you were hated on by a woman hating tyrant, scripted by MTV.
    Very sad, it came across as cringe worthy bad TV and backfired on them.
    Does anyone in TV have a conscience anymore?

    Even sadder, there hasn’t been enough commentary on Creeps period, not alot of feedback , this commentary says it all.
    It was a stinker!

    Karma always prevails, even in idiot box land.

  6. Nothing at all interesting about Raymi yet she gets over 5,000 uniques a day and actually has the guts to pursue her dreams (stand up, TV, commercials, etc etc)? Stand up alone is enough to scare the crap out of most people. Would you PLEASE stop slagging Raymi and get a life? I know her and she is most definitely an interesting and beautiful woman so piss off Crissy.

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