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Polka dot dorks

I have something stupid to share with you. Nice camera skills.

I am rooting for you roots!

They made fun of my cougar dress. Well not really made fun just, how many cougars died for that dress. Haw ha. I think that’s called flirting. I was like hey man, it’s my time!

Shut up just go with it.

Yeah I dunno. This was not the Sunday I was expecting. It was superbo fantastico Funday!

I think I was totally fucking insane on Camera hurray can’t wait not to see it. I think it will be out after MTV creeps so I don’t think it will matter speaking of I have to book a standup gig this week. GREAT. Just kidding I’ll tell you more about the interview and how fun it was later “I got shit to do”.

Elfin Raymi. Raymelf. One of my action figures in the making.

I wonder if teacher will start getting a period from all the craystrogen up in his grill at all times. My design guys have no idea what language I am speaking in on this thing. Ha ha. I can only imagine the behind the scenes conversations. They said my lil Raymi widget counter is right though. I thank Germany. Seriously, it cranked up when the impersonating me scandal broke and now I’m a regular fixture there. Maybe I should go to a death metal show. One death metal show a decade. Rule to be made in to law. Like this one I sometimes break:

This is cute too. Jules you seriously don’t want this dress? Okay have a nice lunch.

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