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a beauty solution by Raymitheminx

My friend is even worse today and I can’t even play this video because I think my computer has a virus (update: I can play it!) but don’t worry I know it is golden material, I am being stupid on purpose can you tell? COOL! WICKED! Great that is great! Having a computer virus is super great fun. I blame Lost. Now here’s a bunch of stupid photos. I am crabby today watch out I might zing you! I just had to force quit and it made everything better again but I know it is only a matter of time until I go zero to rage watching this typing field gradually type slower and freeze out, hope not though! Moving along.

My hair was very long yesterday. It was a long hair day you could call it. Longer in t he back though (where the party is!)

It was a stare longingly out the window long hair day, yes you could call it that too why not.

See how white I am I’m penis coloured jajaja, pink! Ethnicity? Penis pink.

That’s my how I get my way face. Just kidding. That face usually looks like a witch face. Well, I do a good puppy dog eyes. Only for emergency use though don’t get greedy!

I am aging obsessed it’s ridinkulous.

I post fugly Raymi pics too.

You can picture my head independently from this hair easily with the darker roots. I didn’t wash my hair this day so it looks greasy, I greased it up a lot with mythic oil. I am seeing how much I can repair before trimming my split ends. You will barely be able to tell the difference I’ll just look like I don’t have pieces of straw sticking out of my head everywhere.

That’s not duck face that’s where my dimple, dimples. I smiled so much the last few years I made my dimples permanent that’s sick guy! At first I thought I had wing sauce on my face in photos then I realized that indent was permanent and not wing sauce. On one hand I was pumped I wasn’t a slob but on the other, face indent! But, I also have other dimples in the proper dimple place too. See how much crap I just made up just so I could feel better about duck face? I don’t like adopting cheesy mainstream jargon is what and it’s not what I was doing anyway lay off me!

Can’t wait to hit the beach mon.

Much better. See, these eyes are not brown sorry guitar guy who asked if I had brown eyes but even weirder I said NO THEY ARE GREY. Who has grey eyes? Who says they have grey eyes into a packed restaurant? We will do a feature on my eyes and you’ll see that they’re actually grey green blue and once in awhile a burst of yellow will explode around the pupils okay cool I bet you can’t wait.

Sarah Connor arms. I assure you they are not this skinny. Maybe slightly.

Nothing makes me want to clean the house more than this picture.

3 thoughts on “a beauty solution by Raymitheminx

  1. “your friend from the internet…”


    That made me feel included & special when you said that.

    I want to follow your beauty solution tip but my chin(s) would be covered in bandaids. Everywhere.

    Though it’d probably be an improvement, in my case.

    I still heart the hell out of your blog.


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