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Let me roll it

There’s no way I’d even try to put this one on youtube, no one could handle the ass not even here can it be handled. Welp that should tell ya something. This is a regular highly-rotated jam around these parts and a great one to blast on a Friday, any day.

7 thoughts on “Let me roll it

  1. I want everyone to memorize it and have choreographed dance moves as a secret dance handshake to swear in new yay cray members. I want air guitar on the applicable parts.

  2. Hey Bumbum, good job with the ‘doing turns and taking off shorts’ move there…

    I was trying to think of something a little backhanded and cheeky to add to that- but no, we’ll just leave it there with a straight up compliment. It’s your birthday!

    PS are we allowed to call you Bumbum?

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