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These were all mistakes

Until I realized I was taking screen grabs instead of videos.

On the last day of being blond you will do anything to stop time.

Knowing what I know now people say. I say, I would have enjoyed myself even more. My time then, knowing that I would be right here right now I’d have smiled more. Been less stressed out about shit. That’s the only difference.

But I’m making up for it now.

Obviously I caught on that it was taking stills.

Sepia reminds me of The Wizard of Oz, the before colour part of course. And now I want to hear Somewhere over the rainbow. And then I found this rare gem, listen to what Liza (or Lorna) says in the beginning of this clip. When her voice cracks a few times during this performance it hurts my heart a little, so tragic her true life was. Once you become a celebrity you are doomed. I love Meet me in St. Louis. Nostalgia vortex!

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