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Pick yer fav.

The last one is a bonus for you jerks lol and might even be my audition for her future biopic jajaja. Got cuter ones for later even I am impressed by. Plus some more stupid of course as uje.

I demand a recall. Does this look like normal vodka to you? Oh well this drink is delish that I just invented. Pre-drinking while team stupid naps. Oh plus it was Teacher who bought it lol. -Birthday week.

Also might I add: RIPenny. Heard it here first.

15 thoughts on “Pick yer fav.

  1. I’m not jules either. She didn’t log out of my computer. we are stupid. and disco napping.

  2. Seriously I think you have a great voice. I meant to say that a few years ago but never did, but this reminded me. :)

  3. I don’t know if I’m saying this in the right place, but I was looking at your poll and I wanted you to know that your dark circles are sexy!

  4. i think we should go to karaoke next wednesday night. but only if you want to hear me sing like axl rose. hahahaha.

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