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Know who you’re dealing with

Someone said I look 40 yesterday. One of my obsessive biggest fans of course otherwise known as a hater. So, I can take it, lay it on me, how old do I look? Also might I add, how relevant is that really? Do my chances of “making it” end when I turn 30? Do you know Kim Kardashian is over 30? My mother was on Creeps for Christ sakes. Ps. look at my body, is that the body of a 40 year old? I am french, I have dark circles beneath my eyes, it is my heritage. I’m going to keep at it to spite you, the older and older I get the more I will still be there so you need to ask yourself how long you are going to punish yourself hating on me for. What if I get more famous! That will so suck for you won’t it!

How old does Raymi Look?
younger! 25-7
Her age: 28 turning 29.
Fuck you Raymi
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It’s only older than me shitheads or bitches my own age who say I look older anyway so who cares. Young chicks are shocked when they learn my age and definitely 50% of that is attributed to how I act, young spirited and fancy free so you remember that ya old windbags acting all stiff and crabby and frowning all the time, you are projecting OLD. I am not, nor will I ever and my body will always look young for as long as I can manage. Thank you Demi Moore.

Nice pants Courtney. Traveling Raymi pants.

Too many corn flakes teach said. Shut up hater I liked it!

Don’t base your judges on the last few days pictures either because I said so.

Except here in which I look like a retarded baby.

Classy sassy hostess Courtney strikes again.

Love your friends.

She’s got the look of bourbon in her eyes. No wait I did. No wait, she did.

12 thoughts on “Know who you’re dealing with

  1. you do not LOOK 40! And you certainly do not have the body of a 40 year old. I think you have the body of a teenager so yeah not 40.

    when i tell people my age (32) they mostly think i’m younger. it’s sort of rare that they don’t comment on it. i’ve always looked younger.

    tragic, i know.

    you’re looking great. but i understand the anxieties of aging.
    anyone who says you look 40 is just dumb. i remember freaking on my 30th birthday a little — but overall it was a breeze.

    the only thing that confused me about the post was the comment about “making it.”

    what constitutes making it? how will you know when you’ve made it? like what are the ultimate goals? maybe these thoughts are more on your mind these days than your actual age (and upcoming birthday) if that makes sense (you know me so i only mean to ask these questions in a sincere way not to stir up shit.) ’cause i know you think about these things i’ve mentioned.

    turning 30 (i know you’re not there yet) will definitely make you take stock and reassess your goals and priorities and that’s normal. and it produces anxiety and that’s very normal too. lately i feel that anxiety a lot. like where am i going? what do i want to achieve today? turning 32 sort of lit a fire under my ass which is a good thing!

    there’s life after 30 trust me. i’ve had a sort of strange life and thus feel that my life only really started at 29 (hard to explain.)

    it gets better and better and you should keep doing what you love no matter what your age. why can’t you blog after 30? of course you can. you will just evolve as a diarist/writer that’s all. there’s no brick wall stopping you from anything.

    my brother is a bit under two years older than me and i swear he was born at 30. he was always such a serious little kid where as i was always the jokester. i am a monkey child i can’t help it.


  2. Thanks Erica and wow I forgot your age or never thought about it. You DO look a lot younger so lucky you. I live backwards, I regress and I don’t care. I’ll flip out at thirty but I’ll still be doing my thing and I am excited for the future. Making it constitutes growth or something more than what I am already doing, another level and another league. It is the great unknown. Maybe a Bio, book, tv, who knows.

  3. Thanks for the compliment. I am so happy to hear you’re excited for the future and it’s awesome that you always set your sights higher. It is inspiring to see you pursue your dreams.

  4. you definitely look younger than your age, and act it too!

    Ya, haters, I made it to Creeps you small minded piss ants.

    Geez, according to your pole it would appear you have 40% hater/shit disturbers reading

    thats ok though, if they are here and reading, they can’t get enough of you regardless of the negativity. They hate you so much , they can’t leave you.

  5. precisely why this post is entitled, “know who you’re dealing with” aka how many psychos read my blog. And they fell for it.

  6. My god. That burger looks orgasm-inducing. Was it? Maybe it’s because I am on a caffeine high and so hungry. SO want to hit up that joint if/when I visit TO.

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