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We had a good run.

Yes I am a disaster over this and mourning like cray. I am reluctantly giving in. I don’t know why I am doing this to myself either, looking at these by blogging them is making me feel really stupid because I think my hair looks good. Not broke don’t fix it (yes it’s broke) but, you can’t totally tell.

Only sort of and not really in pictures. I could totally deal living the rest of my life walking with my head to the wall no problem, easy.


The cons: Every other hair days can be a handful, and eyeful. I try to take a survivor approach to life, by day 39 what would Raymi look like? Probably Nick Nolte’s mugshot. Ha I’d be lucky to look even that good. I’ll give you something to do today, you can google it yourself. But anyway, Au natural will make my hair grow better and I don’t think I’ll be becoming a porn star so why do I need the platinum locks for? This is straight up husslin’ gold diggin’ hair and I haven’t even had the chance to stretch its legs yet boo-urns. I know that I can look good in platinum, as a dark haired girl it’s a mystery and one NEVER knows until they make the leap.

So it is true. Blondes do have more fun. The word itself, throw an ‘e’ on it or not who cares lets hit a patio lol.

I’m partially afraid I will be treated with less specialness IRL now, sometimes I am treated like a dainty princess before I even have a chance to do anything and it’s fun to coast in the role why not, I have proven myself my entire life I am exhausticated and fucking tired carry my bags sure I’m scared a car will drive by me and slosh a mud puddle on to my head and I’m wearing librarian glasses and ugly brown clothing AHHA. I will kill you people if that happens. Saboteurs.

I’ll be striking with darker hair, maybe I should focus on the positives for once. HA ha what’s that? As long as I don’t lose length and don’t cut bangs we’ll be cool I hope I don’t get a hair hat from the healthier hair sprouting out and the light feather thin ends make me look like a Barbapapa. Fine, positives. Healthy hair growth.

What if this is just my hair now, thin cos I’m old so I could have just stayed stupid blond and now I’m a brown sad cow. AND I look older. Most number one big fear of all, the darker the hair framing my face the harsher I’ll look. HARSH VALID SIGH.

And so begins this platinum jellybean funeral. We are gathered here today Little Raymis to share in our love and fondness of Raymbo Bright, Courtney Raymi Love, alleged Paris Hilton Wannabe, RTM.

What a great turn out, wow, Blond Raymi would have been touched by this. And, did you know she will be 29 on Saturday too? That also sucks. Ha.

28 lookin’ great! is now 29 feeling fine.

I’ll just take more vitamins. Madonna did backflips at the Superbowl so, yeah.

This photo is the one that KILLS ME.

Alright, time to do it. Peace. Kanye West dance party times. Love Raymes.

15 thoughts on “We had a good run.

  1. RIP platinum.

    But I have a sneaking suspicion your going to be hot as hell no matter what your hair color. And you will be so much happier with healthy hair that you don’t have to be afraid to muss about! <3

    Good luck!

  2. I think it’s “blonde” for women and “blond” for men, but regardless of the usage, it was a great look for you. But whatever you wear, wear it like a Minx and it’ll work — promise! xo

  3. You were beautiful dark-haired AND blonde and you will be beautiful and hot no matter what. Beautiful is just beautiful no matter what you do with it. And I will always be your loyal little fan. <3

  4. Darker hair is going to be awesome. It’s way less maintenance, it’s going to look healthier, shinier, silkier. You will look great and although as the saying goes, blondes have more fun, there are fabulous perks to being a brunette. There’s sultriness, mystery, allure and you won’t have to deal with blonde airhead jokes anymore. Plus I think darker hair goes with more outfit choices. (Although maybe I’m a little bit biased.) :) Have fun with it! You’re going to look great no matter what.

  5. I can’t wait to see how the new hair comes out. I’m sure it will look great, just think of how healthy your hair will be.

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