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The Six O’clock Noose

This may be my song for Junko Mizuno. Maybe not. Or one by The Troggs. Danced for hours last night, my arms are getting toned, those wings are a work out. My stomach is a mess TBH though (I have abs and stuff but they’re covered in flab so I am desperately trying to avoid drinking and fooding too much this week) so more sit-ups galore are in store. They’re so boring though. And I am getting a tan don’t forget. Also on TO DO list. Dental floss. Lol. A million other things too gaaaaad it never ends. Oh and fyi I was experimenting with booty shaking last night so not all of it is in sync with the song (when is it ever?) Thanks PEACE!

I am so dense it didn’t even occur to me this photo of boots plus the song go together. Starvation headache is shrinking my brain.

“The dog is looking at me/Everything’s a party.” Our new Kraftwerk band lyrics. Disco party SUPERMARKET! Jokes.

Big tits or quit.

I want to cut this in to a circle and spin it around as an animated gif to house music.

Just can’t keep my eyes open.

6 thoughts on “The Six O’clock Noose

  1. Can you teach me to do those dances? We can do them together.


    I just won a three month trainer and life coach so there will be things I’ll be teaching you next.

    So get ready for the comments!

  2. She is presently planning a trip for us.

    Yesterday I had to hold her hand while running across the street in the dark because she wears clogs and is becoming an old lady.

  3. ps charmaine accidental comment delete – blog revamp very soon. traffic overload crashed the server so plug-ins were removed and thus fucked up my template so its been wonky for a bit now it’ll be pretty again soon. Prettier.

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