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Muchos praise for the jaja

Oh brother.

And now I am going to try to continue blobbing this smattering of pics from the rest of last week/month. Oy. Ok lets get this fucking over with!

Lets shake on it.

My hair was a mess it was Mughnday I believe, two Mughndays ago post Burlesqender weekend, so that’s my hair for ya.

Fake BJ!

Bech had one of those egg frothy drinks, delicious but gets in the way of all the tacos I plan to eat so I let her have her weird sour egg peppered drink (right? wtf lol).

Seriously I don’t know why I even pretend like I am going to share beef cheek tacos with you, I need at the very least THREE. Chicken is my second fav but I cap it off at 3 tacos so I only eat a few pieces of fallen off taco chicken.

The spicy queso ones are meh, I can make that at home, just keep frying onions and peppers forever and eventually will add every single scotch bonnet hot sauce from the fridge so I’ll stick to the beef cheek.


I was like no stupid let me take one I can do it better with no flash.

See? And as the spanish would say “Jajajajajajjaja” that’s how they laugh on the internet in youtube vortex world. It makes me “haha” to go “jaja” in my mouth (in my head) thank you for understanding.

It looked a lot brighter on the display before I hit click. Can you guys get more lights in your restaurant just a few.

My narcissism is infecting Bechnique. GOOD. Was that a hot taco my dear?

This is killing me. I am trying to eat better and GE is closed Tuesdays why god WHYYYYY does everything always have to happen to meeeee?

Go for it dude.


Big ups to the horse guy over there too.

No tacos left behind or guys hun-gray for some.

And now obviously I want nachos.

I collect my cheque cards, mostly I’ve gotten the scorpion (what are you trying to tell me?) but now I have a mermaid too. Maybe I can cash them in for a taco when I produce a stack of ten?

Then we dropped in at casa del funny farm for a costume change before going to the drake to meet the social media game players club for Nus’ going away thing thang.

Ta da. I have since done laundry and attempted shrinking my pants back in to shape/fitting my body.

We had a fun time. A girl who recognized me from Creeps watched us well, namely me, like I was a specimen. I could tell she thought I was “a cray” and then everything I was doing was then amplified from her perception of me, and she dug on my mom too. Rap-attacking to Beastie Boys in my raccoon sweater slob get-up didn’t help my case. Meh. We were so worried about freezin’ ass up there on the drake sky yard I wore layers and then was instantly sweating from the heat lamps. Awful toasty and good to know I can go there dressed skimpy next time and not look like I just left the babysitter’s club.

This is what having the time of your life looks like! You can see Mike’s twin brother.

Blahaha those glasses on me need an upgrade. Hi Shannon!

Oh please Kerry you wish.

Bye Michael, Hi Stephen.

Hi Mark. Bech’s arm needs its own twitter account.

This reminded me I have to blob our hip hop recording day. Don’t get me started on my phone pics. Avoiding.

Obvi photo winner and Jules trying to get in on that action. In due time my fleur.

Oh right and we dodged the apocalypse down in the bunker beneath the Bovine. Phewf.

Fixin’ the ladies.

My harem. They’re like my harajuku clique except zero per cent controllable.

Courtney and I have birthdays coming up. Faints.

That’s a good look and I like that three drinks are set up for the three bears.

And the slippers go on.

See my seat booster cushion? DON’T MAKE FUN OF ME OKAY!

Double laptop and post show adrenaline party celebration. It’s all over ahhh and I soonly finally become a more likeable person for a short awhile.

She totally tried to give that to me, left it here, then demanded it back next she came over. I didn’t even want it! Is it still here, did you take it back after all that? Classic.

Then this guy showed up.

Waiting for tacos. A delicate situation.

Waiting for wings. Waiting to exhale!

Waiting for brunch! My dad beatin’ it in there asap. This place rules, they all know us, like us, and know when to ignore us.

We need to talk.

Just kidding there is nothing left to say.

Yes we all know I really liked that one photo I took and there’s good news to report:

I took several.

And there was dirt on my face the whole time OR it was after wings and therefore, jerk sauce.

Much better quality.

I will refrain from my usual humourous observational restaurant banter this time. That over-sharing privilege is being revoked.

Because it’s baby num nums time. Yes I talk this way in real life, far fucking worse actually haheheheh. These wings are getting a time out though. I hate breaded wings. Why would you take baked jerk wings off and replace with breaded, why was some unsatisfied skinny person like HEY these could be so much more fattening you know, this is a pub after all, please roll these in batter. For me it’s the sauce that matters and the wing is a vessel, like how I will put Mados on salad just so I can taste Mados. So making my vessel taste worse by junking it up with added breading hurts my feelings. So here I come Lou Dawgs.

13 thoughts on “Muchos praise for the jaja

  1. I think you are absolutely stunning, funny, talented and really a great person with a heart of gold. I have been following you for about 6months now and I am always checking out your site to see what you have been up to. So entertaining. I live 8 hours north of Toronto and visit the city a few times a year so I like to see where you go etc….especially the restaurants. Just wanted to let you know how great you are and I have got my friends following you as well. You totally need your own tv show!!! Your Awesome!!!!!

  2. VOMMENT OF THE DAY ^ :). I need a show before I look like Barbara Walters thanka Lisa and say hi your next time in the city you sweetheart!

  3. actually it’s mega tight, painfully so and your kitty cat double entendre is about 2+ decades outdated in the funny dept. plus both those dopes are sitting right here right meow.

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