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Pose off.

There are nervous braggers and there are nervous secret tellers. That was me and Casie out on the town last night.

#Blondetourage a what what.

And that’s the one.

I look like I just landed from Neptune.

Made a wish list for bags I want.

Amazing boots Bechnique thank you. They complimented my outfit.

I like this clutch. I need a clutch, period. For all those fancy affairs.

What would Hailey want hmm.

Tarek and Val tdot gal hiya!

Also on my list. Um, and my hair is doing something about Mary more like something about Scary. There’s something about Raymi was the name of my radio show in Maine btw.

Next season. Love it!

His hair, his drink and this bag all match. Yay!

I was interviewed about the line, we just got there, I sounded believable I believe.

Tarek is the best. He is so quippy and rips on colleague ahhhh enjoyable.

Your bags are amazing too and you don’t age. Idol.

I am wearing false eyelashes. First times!

Remarking on my teeniness. Drink it in baby.

Growing out roots is pure hell and you gotta act like it’s fashionable haha right.

Fuzzy wuzzy Raymi made for touching and petting. Val is a superfine gal pal.

Casie has her claws in ya heehee.

Lots of sequins last night it must be in vogue. Love his jacket. Can I get away with cray jackets? I have my pink smythe one and wore it maybe twice. I’ll wear it first day of Spring on a stroll with the dog and everyone will walk into fire hydrants and cars will smash all around me rubber necking, say it with me now, “like cray”.

Kay dudes rad story times I gots ta shower now and off to my next stupid fucking adventure, stay tuned TGIFUCKOFF!


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