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Aveda Institute hair school scholarship video Contest!

Hey pals I wanted to share this opportunity with you to win a chance to run away to hair college I know there’s lots of creative freaks out there reading, maybe a budding hair stylist or two.

How to apply:

Submit a video to Aveda Institute Hair School Scholarship Video Contest explaining/demonstrating why you should be selected to become a world class hair stylist, and you can win free tuition (worth about $10k) at any one of five different Aveda Institutes across Canada. It’s not a bad deal and worth it to get a leg up and advance in your hair field career studies. I think I may go to school again someday for something, well, dance school if anything. I miss dance class plus I want to be better.

Okay good luck!


Oh my god I haven’t even seen this yet or knew that it was even up.

I was not planning to share it. Welp, enjoy.

I blind myself with champagne in the eye at the end. YOU’RE WELCOME!

ps. dear haters I’ve enacted a zero-tolerance policy for cyber bullying and stalking me now. I ban all ips from commenting AND viewing my blog who leave any sort of abuse or hate. I bust my ass hard and I don’t deserve your shit. Also, when you google tag my photos to show up in my stats as another way to torment me and haven’t even left a shitty comment yet, I will also ban you in advance for that, it’s not that I am a baby it’s that you are SICK and getting in my fucking way every day, you are nothing and if you still insist and come back under a new ip I will ban that too. Your addiction to me will suffer for it so if you can’t be nice, just force yourself to be quiet. Once banned you will never be welcome back and following that, I will make an example of someone and take it to police and they will deal with you and YOUR livelihood will be at stake. No more warnings, even this was too generous. Someone blew their spot up on twitter saying they couldn’t load my blog (pre- it crashing) and I said oh well you must have left me a shitty comment then, good for you.

This is a dictatorship and it always has been.

7 thoughts on “Aveda Institute hair school scholarship video Contest!

  1. lookin good raymes. your ass is my inspiration. btw this is taylor. i’m going by trailer motel b/c it rhymes with my real name therefore hilarious to me. on a side note, have you ever heard of gang stalking? sometimes i wonder if it’s happening to you. congrats on the banning. bet ur stats don’t even suffer.
    to the haters: the love you withhold is directly proportionate to the pain that you carry, live and let live and so forth, hippies, etc…

  2. GOOD FOR YOU for banning the haters! It’s a waste of your time. Let them go take out their insecurities somewhere else.

  3. I’ve been telling you to do this for years!!!

    I’m happy to read you are finally doing this.

    Trolls are very unhappy, sick people, they never did deserve any kind of a voice here.

    This is good news you have finally seen the light out of the darkness. ox

  4. IT’S ABOUT TIME. GO RAYMI! The best revenge is living well, and nothing in this life is worth getting worked up over.

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