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I put a spell on you

My site is wonky at the moment because it is just too popular now and I have outgrown my server and must move, which is good because that means new layout will be up by week’s end. Sorry for the hiccups, you’ve been wonderful. I was worried I’d been hacked and of course always fear the worst. Only parts of my site will be loading in the meanwhile because, “you are getting too much traffic on the server we have you on, it overloaded it and the url has been blocked by the server.” And now I shall be back with more photos from Valentine Vamps. xo rlw. (direct urls to specific posts aren’t working, you’ll have to load the whole blog to see ughhhhh).

The camera gets a swipe with one of my rods in this one and comes back from the malfunction and keeps recording. The ceiling isn’t that high or that low, but there is a disco ball on it to maneuver around with these giant wings. One pasty was just dying to fall off too haha.

Will be coming back with tons of pics momentaril-all day-ily. I took my top off too soon. Meh. The rest of the Vamps were PERFECT. Solid show and greatly fine-tuned production overall it was super fun, thank you everyone!!

A lot of up close mystery camera pics too haha.

Fantastic green room!

Goin’ through tons more now. Nothing but girl flesh and sequins. There’s thousands of them. Waiting for 200 to upload before I can upload 200 more hahaha oy.

Back with tons more. And I will probably repeat that a lot throughout the day.


9 thoughts on “I put a spell on you

  1. Wow! All you ladies have some serious brass ones to take it up on stage like that.. you look mega-amazing! Oh, and the name of that club should be “Incredible Electrical Code Violation” or something like that.. yikes!

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