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There is nothing to feel bad about

It bugs me to upload pictures and then not blog them. I have a few batches of photos in my flickr account I’ve just given up on, let fizzle out and burn in my past. But not these guys, I am making an “effort” to save these repetitious bathroom of the Library bar mirror selfies.

Quite different from the class what is Mercato’s bathroom but it’s the subject that counts, I say.

Hung out with RaRa two Saturdays ago and I will again soon :).

What impressive style you have Rara! Which Ken do you like?

Before we go out we always take a shitty picture of me. In case I order a deep fried appetizer platter for 6 and never look this thin again. One never knows how hard they will give’r but there are always suspicions and guestimates, yes? Yestimate?

If we break up my dad gets his Ray Bans back haha. No I am not dating my dad I realize that was written funny.

Hey d00ds do you think she will think I am a young and hip person now? Haha.

This is a bonafide classic Raymbo Bright outfit.

I look like a muppet what are you talking about exactly?

Here are some more Turkish Delights photos for you now no problem hey you’re worth it!

I wore this hat to taco date night last night and felt like it was taking over the entire bar it’s so big. I wore it equal parts to not wearing it. I think we did okay.

The matching black hats my mom and I have are very coneheady so tying them up like this was a genius move, go me.

This is a medium sized bathingsuit, now I am a small, therefore I appear malnourished but I assure you I am a total eataholic pig. Say mean things, think mean things I don’t care it won’t make you any skinnier.

I’m not bad for winter though, considering I work out less than in spring/summer. I want a tan. Bad.

I typically hunch like crazy and as we age we turn into potato old ladies but if I stretched out normally to elongate my long torso I would look petite and skinny like this at all times. I have to make a concerted no-hunching effort several times daily. Mom you too.

Just think if I was a dude, which I sometimes think about regarding how I am perceived and received but anyway with a picture like that up there I’m sure a bevy of omg fag you fag total fag what a fag troll comments would happen to me, you know? God forbid anything positive ever come of the internet and someone being allowed to be awesome and own their whacked-out style and fun zany life. I apologize for nothing as I have done nothing wrong.

It’s no coincidence then either that my blog has now cruised in to the 4-digit ranking neighbourhood, not on a rise? MY asshole you wish.

Hey guess what, I like me and that’s all that matters. John Candy says that in Planes, trains and automobiles, a phenomenally hilarious classic. When are you haters going to realize that none of your bullshit matters to me, the nasty remarks you make? The only opinions that are real and I heed are that of famous successful people (MY heroes) and my family & friends. Not you naysayers. For the 1000000 time you are wasting your time, here or anywhere where you speak up and say nay I say Nay, you look like an old ugly turd and match your insides all the more meanwhile everybody else is straight givin’er, enjoying their lives and takin’ names.

Stop being so brutal to yourselves. If you’re too old then so what, fuck off and think about your identity crisis elsewhere. Ugly? Also not my fault or problem. Fat? You have seen me fluctuate and struggle but mostly, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

I think people should make an event out of their life or at least that is what I do and have always done I don’t see how it affects anyone else really, or is their business if they don’t like it. You can keep crying about it and writing about it but you still aren’t more popular than me because I’m sorry this thing you hate that I do, draws a crowd so what is not to get?

I put careful consideration in to what I put on this thing here, actually, everything is intentional and thought out beforehand, blogging is exhaustive work I’ll have you know. Especially when it wasn’t chic (and even more so competitive now that it is) but I knew I was building something and that one day I would be the best because I kept at it through thick and thin, because I am a writer, a creator, it is simply what I do. I exist to make things and sometimes my thing is simply just me.

Aww look at my papa, this is where my squinty french eyes come from. Anyway, but everybody makes things right, and plenty way better than me ok that’s true but do they have the whole package? The clout, the chutzpah to market it or the tenacity? No they don’t and I have met so many lazy artists before it kills me, their arrogance about it too, my success and crappy art vs. their good art and no success. This happened to me in grade eight when I was chosen to be valedictorian over the “smarter than me” polish peers in my enrichment group. Yeah but you can’t public speak to save your life and you’re all nerds. You have to excel in ALL categories and that includes popularity and influence on top of grades. All of this is in my book too fyi, why and how I am the success that I am now. I dumb it down because I can dumb it down, because I am an actual smart person, idiots. Blond hair black hair who cares, you are focusing on the wrong shit! Also, I can write, I don’t care what boring whiny educated folk say, my voice is exceptional, hypnotizing and constant, enviable too. I write circles around you. If I had a tradish media paycheque too you betcha I’d write even better and more professional than this. I went to England for Journalism, I know how to write farticles thanks. I don’t have to write farticles though so I don’t BUT if you wanted me to write for your magazine, it would be a widely read, acclaimed, and most juicy of reads. Get in touch if necessary.

Chorizo fonduta: amazing. It’s a bowl of cheese soup w/you guessed it, Chorizo in it.

Pimms Royale in a funny glass that is hard to drink around ice cubes by.

You are born with it. You don’t copy everyone else to be it. I have a lot of copies, do you have any? Well there you go.

This is boring me now. Be back with left over yogurtys and taco pictures and remember, don’t be ordinary, be extraordinary. I ain’t no Pollyana contemporary but I do know some shit and simply, being wicked gets you places in life. Am I not the practice of my preach or what? Shut up who asked you anyway. I know I’ve been a lazy blogger lately cos I have been coasting off some winter cabin fever MTV fumes so if I want to wear a Bazooka Joe bucket on my head blog stylez for a week, I will. And you will like it.

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  1. Raymi: please post a link that will verify or qualify your “ranking” claims. Thank you in advance

    The Troll Police

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