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Because hobos can be fabulous too. You can see my closed up lip piercing hole divot. I think it is charming. See how I am keeping my eyebrows dark, fierce and striking? Good idea Whitey. FOR ONCE.

These are diff, my lips are parted. Still a hot gorgeous mess.

And they were all yellow.

I’ll be your cute jewy stoner.

19 thoughts on “STOP DROP AND WATCH

  1. Thanks for telling me erica <3

    Go ahead, wasn’t at all insultory toward jews but in fact a positive I love them statement. I can’t read what your comment intent was sorry.

  2. You know something, Lauren? You are a freaking Goddess!
    Would you Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaze marry me? Or, at least take all my money, and spend it wildly on your bad self?

  3. and you are transparent full of shit jealous white trash. people who say “icky” on the internet actually smell like piss themselves, nice try though.

    Kris, YES I would gladly spend your money.

  4. You want to be famous, and expect everyone to love you? News flash- those who post negative comments aren’t all jealous, and your uber defensive reply only shows they touched on a truth..if you didn’t think you were icky, wouldn’t that comment just make you laugh? Who the fuck cares what joe thinks?

    Truth is, you’re in decline..start taking care of yourself, you look haggard, and have muppet hair. Do you have anything to say anymore? All you do is post sad wannabe stripper dance vids and pictures of your malnourished body writhing about in various clown costumes. Where is your substance? This is booooooring

  5. Now here is your doucheflash: I have the highest ranking blog of all my peers, I am STILL on the rise you irrelevant stupid_fucking_moron. good job getting in to my psyche though oooh burn so wounded by your expert detective feelings skills. I dont have time to show all of my substance because of time wasting assholes like you and i have the luxury to post any bullshit i want here willy nilly because it doesn’t matter anymore, i am an entertainer, highly addictive and adored. people should spend less time talking shit and maybe learn something from me. Say/think what you want but I am an iconic power blogger. I want to be famous pfft I AM famous. Substance, look at 11 years of archives, my entire life story is in there, more than you or anyone can say or show for their tenure in blogging so if I want to writhe around skinny and eat tacos and write about my striking blond hair, I can, will and do, and I will continue blogging it.

  6. Hi Raymi,

    After you’ve spent all of Kris’ money would you mind spending mine too? I think Joe secretly loves you and wants you pay attention to him/her. Why else spend so much time and energy trying to engage you…

  7. Gord you can send me a money email transfer at any point ;)

    This particular turd saw me give attention to that other hater turd and wanted some too i dont know why they bother trying to write lies to me and themselves about my person you cant email kim kardashian and tell her she’s not a number one pop culture sensation just because you are annoyed by her success or hate her. such a waste of time and distracting from which cute pictures i want to blob next.

  8. no freebies angie, don’t link shit in my comments thank you. financial advice blogs are commonplace, like gossip pop culture blogs, too easy. more popular my ass, not to people who matter.

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