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I’m coming NANA!

Welcome to the last minute gift sprint because my nana is 831 now. All of the good stores were closed, wait a minute what am I saying? They all suck and I don’t think my nana would like a tanning package so lets hit the lcbo after this pointless waste of ghost town time stroll through the wind tunnel what is known as liberty village market (or the name that it is actually called, fine suit yourself).

Hello? Are you in there? Do you want some of these expensive eye stinging soaps?

I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

I’ve changed into a girlier sweater so she can’t hurt my feelings about being such a sloppy disappointment. What’s that? I can’t hear you over the hot tub IT’S THE JETS, THE JETS THEY’RE SO LOUD What? My cousin is engaged? That’s great!

I got her Bailey’s. A bracelet she can drink.

Should we bring the dog? I think she might go bananas, hopefully in a good way.


ps. last day to enter to win the golden deeldo contest, click the vibe image on my sidebar up above. See you on the QEW.

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