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Kinda like a useless genius

Bringing back Myspace.

Come over for a photoshoot here! Ha.

This view of old world carpet factory inspires and motivates me. It has magical properties!

This is from last week at some point. I have no idea. I am recovering from the stress-induced necessity of a bender in anticipation of (my entire life) what Creeps might have been, then I put my foot on the gas and accelerated it because it went from NAHHHHHH to YAAAAAAAAAAH! So, what day is this? It was Friday probably.

And I only fuck that up because we use Teach’s phone and my phone is like 2000 pictures of events stapled together (that you have already seen) in a pile of black hole party time excellency on my blackberry. Not complaining it’s just that my years of hard work are paying off? I don’t care anymore. Maybe a bit of both. When some n00b wanders in here going off about my half assed shitty blog I just go oh yeah, well numbers don’t lie and I looked around the web and all I saw are tumblrs full of ADHD none of this wordsmithy garbage that is pleasing to the brain, the cabin fever, the narcissism that they can depend on daily. Wit. I got a lot of friends and a lot of foes in my field and my friends are doing well and my foes can keep stroking their can’t hold a candle to it low ranking websites til the boring comes home. It did and they do.

It’s not that you’re mean or proud of it, it’s that you’re dull and no one cares as much about you as they do about me. Suh-orry. They say that when people talk shit about you it’s because they are jealous (Bill Murray says that in Life Aquatic) then Owen Wilson passes him his diamond earring back and helps him off the floor. He then says “but it still hurts.” (Something to that effect). They overhear some critics in the next room bashing his film. At the end of the day, he wins, is a loveable dude. People put up a fight when the war is already won, when they know they’re beat.

Ok new direction. I have to do ma face for a blogvertorial soon. When I ramble it’s cos I am avoiding something. Namely having to get up off my ass in under an hour.

These shorts used to be fat jeans, from h&m, a thousand years ago when I first ever ballooned up. Now they are perfectly shrunk and worn in like they were starched. No belt necessary I wore them like I was going to return them. I have been doing the tights and shorts thing for forever I could give a fuck. No bra either, flat lithe model ballerina day.

I have been thinking about going darker A LOT lately. Casie I need to borrow your wig for Valentine Vamps, kay?

This one.

Have to get the top for these now.

They starred in my last xmas show. There’s one pic I love. I’ll go get it.

Totally gotta go now though. BYE!

Great style dude lets make out!

I look like Duncan!

Thai delivery and tv. Inhaled the tv with my eyes too this day. Frat boy couch life 4 life!

10 thoughts on “Kinda like a useless genius

  1. You wanna borrow for the show or valentines? no prob just take care you know how much i love those badass things. you looked awesome with dark hair. you know i love blonde but seriously it was realyl sexy xoxo

    see you tonight for dress party! :)

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