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That’s so RaRa

Ready for the MTV spin-off reality show, hipsters in Disneyland?

OMFG I would so watch that show if it was an actual show. I am 28. Still have never been to DLand. Help me go! Even a cruise. Disney cruise to Disneyland, and by the time we get there I am so done with Disney (not poss).

We took That’s so RaRa on a date to three places yesterday. I felt protective of that girl, she’s only 20! Could not believe my age either (flattered) I was like well, I am trying, very, hard.

Is this like that moment when Britney and Madonna Kiss. I am Madonna’s age in blog years I guess but I am still an it-girl so holla at me layta bitchez.

MTV is notorious for exploiting interesting characters.

It’s a small world after all. I’ma resurrect Walt Disney see, I’m primed for your theme park. I worship princesses. This girl was being a mean girl though then I was like fine, I like your vest (I didn’t) and she goes in mean girl voice, thanks. Hot girls don’t like when other hot girls show up you have to accept it though. I don’t miss a thing cos I never leave the house, it’s annoying, I apologize everyone for noticing you suck sometimes.

I tried to tell her how to build a fire. You put the paper beneath the wood otherwise it just burns up into nothing, which it did but did she listen nooo. I could not stop obsessing over her hatred for me.

Do kids read books still? I know my niece does but now that she has a new laptop I wonder if she’s still in to it. That book looked boring and dumb come back and listen to my life story some more Rara.

I think it takes guts to be on the first episode of a show that can potentially rip you to pieces, she took it like a champ and said some offensive shit, got a lot of railroading but it just rolls off her back. Good kid, bright future. Me, I am a giant baby in other news ahhaha.

We had a fab time. Fast friends instantly.

We were late, I saw her standing (there!)(bbbeatles) alone in the middle of all these movie goers and norms and I smiled, she stood out like crazy and I liked it.

Down the rabbit hole with Alice, til next time!

xo RLW.

twitter is down for maintenance so I can’t find her wordpress link. I told he she has to blob more. DO WHAT I SAY AND AS I DO (in this case).

3 thoughts on “That’s so RaRa

  1. i don’t really get why girls feel so threatened by other girls. like why would a hot girl be threatened by another hot girl? you’re both hot!!! makes no sense. ah girls!

  2. like sorry we sucked all the attention out of the room just by walking in to it you can have some too okay EVERYONE is allowed to be attractive and shiny ugh

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