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Puttin’ the golden vibes out there

Me neither, but now’s our chance!

I imagine Kanye might have or something, surely this is how the rich kids do it. 24 Karat Gold at that. Never going to be betrothed? Fill your hole with gold instead (of on that finger). It may be a man’s world but we can get on without ‘em.

With a $425 retail valued vibrating rod of independence! I have been looking forward to this erotic give-away for awhile now, EXCLUSIVE only to as lets face it I am the whore of Blogylon so who better else than moi to give away something so gorgeously crass?

The only business that’s got to go down is clicking the golden dildo, typing in your NAME and EMAIL and voila you have entered. I just did it. Name: RAYMILAUREN Email: SIMPLE and no catch. Remember the American Apparel Free $10 vouchers I spread around Christmas time, no catch there either? This is just like that, you guys can trust me :).

And, it’s not just good for women who don’t need men, there’s men who like men who don’t need men too! Or enter for your wife cos your schnitzel is on holiday. Need I remind you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it would be groovy to win in time for not having a boyfriend by then and/or it’s the perfect gift! We gave a girlfriend a vibrator once and there is no shortage on awkward when the unwrapping goes down and now I’m passing the opportunity (and good vibes) on to you dear Little Raymis.

Bzz bzz!

9 thoughts on “Puttin’ the golden vibes out there

  1. i did yesterday, scroll and look and also it’s running commercials, plus i have a life, am busy blabbity blah it’s out of my hands now. everybody knows there’s nothing left to do.

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