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blue jeans burlesque

10 thoughts on “blue jeans burlesque

  1. what is your point mom. jealous. we need to watch the hbo mildred pierce movie with evan rachel wood and kate winslet who player her obsessive smothering mother. lol.

  2. JW do you workout?

    It would step up your game if you did, in all your vids you have some jiggle that could be gone if you hit the gym…

    Not to say you’re fat. You’re skinny as fuck actually. You’re just one of those shinny girls who eats crap and doesn’t workout, and it shows :/

  3. Jiggle??? What the fuck. I feel bad that I don’t pay enough attention to the content sometimes because of the lust I’ve developed towards the pics/vids. Call me politically incorrect but ladies tall and skinny is where its at. Congratulations Raymi’s Mom for squeezing out a hot daughter with an incredible body.

  4. and that “jiggle” is the lean muscle quaking beneath my mighty dance moves. You should see me today right now, I am Jesus skinny.

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