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The Elfettes take Queen Street

At :57 seconds you will hear a great big smash in this grinch vid clip, then, more glass shattering.

Someone yells out Home Alone when this starts hahaha. Oh and I fucked up the end. Oh well. Ho ho ho!

About 40 seconds in (right as I sling shot my garter in to the crowd, great artistic timing that!) you hear the window smash/shatter/pop and then the show goes on.

Pastel so hot! What a little package! Definitely opening you before Christmas.

Too bad this happened during my grinch solo. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. An ultra Raymi fan did it hahaha ugh. I am prolonging looking at my camera and all video footage til tomorrow, today I needed a much earned siesta. I woke up at 5.

Oh dear. That’s Raymi world for ya. It’s going to be awkward, that next fb chat, so apparently you were calling the bovine all day long about me and remember how you threw the velvet rope stand into the glass window? After you barfed all over yourself and they bounced you so then you threw the thing. I feel bad for the dude but come on. Well, we did meet him at the bovine months ago (he’s a regular) and just allowed him in to the gaggle of us as a kind of novelty but kept a distance and then well, now this. The cops took him away. And there is your fifteen minutes of fame brah.

With fame comes massive irresponsibility. That’s for sure. What I mean is, do I ignore my “fans” and are they fans anyway? How am I supposed to know the dude is a fruit loop? I don’t have time for that shit. And thus, the circle of fame irresponsibility what I just invented. Another one is older dudes who have fallen off the wagon, become clean and then want to be my salvation via constant emails I don’t have time for laden with innuendos and I never asked to be saved, nor did I say I wanted to stop or needed help even. These are the ones who become my trolls, or, many fit the archetype I have experienced over the years. I think I am doing pretty good actually, my arms are toned, I am standing in this iconic doorway with my brand name stamped on my arm headlining a show of my own creation, seen realized before me in a room with all my friends. Quite awesome it was and I am, in fact.


Ohh Bunny.

Many more to come tomowoah thanks guys! Everyone who came you rule, sorry for the Raymover today (hey that’s life). xoxo

And now I watch some of the videos while we wait for indian delivery and watch the Survivor finale.

22 thoughts on “The Elfettes take Queen Street

  1. Events like this are a reminder that fan is the short form for fanatic :-) The show didn’t miss a beat though.

  2. i apologize but a chair came in through a window during my set, so, other than that ask pervert’s row how they felt about it.

    internet hate is an unwanted joke so YOUR opinion is less than garbage, you weren’t there, you made no effort, and then troll me here. You are a pussy. (oh wait you are in BC, ‘nough said thanks to MG I can’t take anyone other than my friends on the West Coast seriously ever, so your opinion is worth even less than the garbage it was already worth less than before).

    I’ll upload my chuck berry solo for you to snort/rofl/lol to.

  3. Jealousy at it’s finest. Bre, let’s see your attempt to do something this bold. Going up on that stage is me conquering fears, you know, doing something constructive? TRY IT.

  4. You’re a second rate old stripper darling. This isn’t burlesque dancing, hell you can hardly even call it dancing at all. I watched one video and honestly just felt sorry for you that taking off your clothes in front of a crowd at a tiny bar is all you’ve got going for you.

    They can only keep lowering the lights to hide your age for so long honey, time to hang up the thong.

  5. The house lights were bumped up to maximum actually by my request, darker makes you look older. Thank you for that critique Xavier it was super helpful!! Also it’s only a fraction of what I’ve got going for me, mainly, I have a 10k ranking power blog, and these photos and footage are part of the magic behind it. Naked is kind of my thing so feel stupid, I mean, sorry all you want. I am adorable and charming too, men fawn all over me and would punch you in the head or destroy someone for me, you name it. so where is the old exactly let me see a picture of what you look like I have balls, there is no one else like me, get over it. Do you talk to everyone who is hotter than you like that?

  6. How does it feel to be a first rate ass face Xavier! jealous much?! I don’t even think you know what you are talking about. If you are wasting your time watching sexy videos…why do you insist on wasting your stinky breath on useless comments. Get a life (a better one).

  7. no it’s not, people are going to be mesmerized and spellbound by my ancient age for years to come for forever until i stop doing things oh my god i can’t believe i can even walk or run anymore i am SO OLD! I must have superpowers.

  8. Dear Xavier,

    I would normally just ignore comments like yours but it really pissed me off. I guess you can’t hear all the hooting and hollering in the videos? Maybe turn up the sound on your computer. Yes that sound you hear is the sound of people loving the show (myself included.) Of course it’s dancing what the hell video were you watching?

    All the dancers are vibrant, beautiful, sexy women. Why do you have to try to tear them down? That is what’s sad.

    It takes guts to get up on that stage and dance and reveal yourself. They are confident talented women — maybe that’s what you have a problem with. They aren’t wallflowers and they aren’t going away because of DUMB comments like yours.

    Anyway, do you have the guts to do something like that? Or really anything except sit in front of a computer and try and tear people apart?

    Raymi and the rest of the crew spent a lot of time preparing for this event and it shows. It was so much fun.

    Clearly Raymi is very attractive but to say that’s all she’s got going for her is ridiculous. OBVIOUSLY she has a lot more going for her than just being pretty and sexy. Her site gets huge hits and it’s not JUST because she’s attractive. She is good at so many things and people love the blog and it speaks for itself in numbers and positive comments.

    As for your comment Bre I just don’t know what to say besides you sound like a nitpicker who will never be happy. Someone actually threw a chair through the door in the middle of Raymi’s solo so perhaps you can forgive her for briefly taking a glance.

    No rhythm? Wow where do I begin? Raymi’s an awesome dancer. Have you not seen her dance vids on her site? Amazing. Why do you think they get thousands of hits on YouTube? Because they’re bad? Riiiiight. Get over it she’s a great dancer.

    Ugh. These commenters are just pathetic.

    Sending happy vibes to all the sexy elfettes. Thanks so much for putting on a great show. Have an awesome day. xoxoxo

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