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All persons on Naughty list manditory meeting this Sunday night


Mini Christmas for Hello Kitty TOO!


This is a child’s tutu btw. Slips right around ma teensers waist.

Did you notice my earrings?

Hi Kat!

Thanks for the outfits Kat!

Thanks for making today fun everyone!

Sumptuous rug!

How sexy is your recycling?

Excited to see what Katrina extracts from her video footage!!

How cute is our dance going to be?

And now I am Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacay lol you know which scene? It’s my mom’s favourite.

Ordering this online with Bunny yesterday felt too much like an exam lol.

Hot purse them Nella Bellas are.

What a life Kat must lead. Dig this girl.

Just two more sleeps til Sunday. If you catch an Elfette garter in the crowd you will be handsomely rewarded with mistletoe kisses. There are 8 garters in total.

Dudes it’s gonna be awesome!

Oh yeah there’s more of these but they don’t really fit so I’ll hold off.

Ok maybe just one more.

Gah I can’t stop myself! ha, Elf, can’t stop myselfette.


Red Zeppelin and I have hilar stage chemistry together. We may have some side punk rock burlesque biz for jokes on the side in the future lol.

Back to Christmas now!

Ha psyche. Ok now!

Look at the big bag of glitter confetti! The Elfettes will be sprinkling it everywhere while we walk around and dance and get up to elf mischief.

The day I wore two pairs of pants at the same time oooh!

Leftover pics I have previously uploaded and forgot about.

See? Look at her eyes, opposite directions. The coasters came with the house I moved in to.

No, My Friend, over here.

Aw I want to blow a fart on your tummy.

9 thoughts on “All persons on Naughty list manditory meeting this Sunday night

  1. You are as great as you look! It’s really hard to understand how famous you are in Canada following your blog from Sweden. If I was on vacation in Toronto would you take me out on a night in town, given that I in advance someway prove to you that I’m not a crazy pervert, in your age group and so on. Or are you too famous for that? Toronto seems great even though my only knowledge about it comes from your blog.

  2. Dear Swedish person, yes we would hang out and it would be exactly like my blog, but even better and I am not too famous for anything. Thank you for trusting me as the number one Toronto all thing everything source your Raymi Army medal is in the mail but in the meantime ask the Swedish King to fly me over for a visit.

  3. Splendid! This is good news! I’ll speak to the king first thing tomorrow morning. I will also start looking for cheap tickets and hotels. If I can find something I’ll send you an email with some kind of presentation so you know who you’re dealing with. Please stay unique and hot in the meantime

  4. I’ve been a reader for a solid 4 or 5 years. I’m a toronto girl, about your age (ok maybe a year older) and I have a career in the creative bizzz. Although life is busy, I always find time to read your blog. (Secretly). You are a wonderful escape to my stressful moments, and I enjoy your posts. We are quite similar – which is why I like you (ya so?). This is so retarded, but I love when you bring up Sam Crenshaw. I crack up every time! (on the inside cuz I’m usually at work) and Canadian nostalgia just completely warms my heart, which kinda means you warm it occasionally.. It’s just one of those funny little things you say that makes me smile and although you may be blowing up (career-wise) you still know your Ontario roots. You’re confident, down to earth, and that makes me proud. TVO for life. Tall girls rule.

    You always look fab and I usually want to borrow your t-shirts. This is my long winded, maybe-a-bit-tipsy note to you.

    Merry Christmas, my stranger-friend.

  5. i cant help it if i look like sam crenshaw in the nose sometimes when i laugh hahaa it’s important that i point it out in real life social situations and NO ONE laughs cos they cant place the name on the spot like that. This was a very enjoyable comment to read from the toilet! Come out Sunday to The Elfettes if you can get away from your busy bee life and thank you for fighting in the raymi army.

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