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Orange you glad I didn’t say banana again

I am very orange right now. It’s mellowed in to more of a brown today.

Super busy. Working on this obvs.

I wouldn’t miss it if I were youuuuuu.

I am doing a solo to this in my red one piece bathing suit oh yes, like the movie!

and we are all coming out in these to this!

12 thoughts on “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana again

  1. the pink bra, the tan…OOOH I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW haha KIDDING i am jealous as fack

    quit rubbing it in that i am not gonna be anywhere near Tarana for this epic performance!!!! *pouts* cant you like, move to Alberta? Dry air is the best thing everrrr for your skin, i promise HA

    that second pic…i think you are the *only* girl on Teh Internets who can get away with doing ‘duckface’ (come to think of it, I dont remember the last time I saw you do it) haha you rule!

  2. Don’t forget the one video per day thing.
    And about that top?

    you got the flood today which explains planet zit and the 4 shouting match phone calls!
    And all that yummy food too!

  3. BURN.

    I just meant that Buffy the Vampire Slayer and meat sticks are not actually right in front of me.

    But while we’re on the topic, I do think some people take blogging (/tweeting /tumblring /livejournaling) way too seriously. Not you, but some people. Like, getting angry over what trolls or other strangers say on the internet, what’s the point? Until it bleeds into real life, it’s only as real as you want it to be.

    I do wish I could eat those meat sticks though.

  4. good points. people taking other people’s blogs seriously, it can get extreme, especially one like mine which is polarizing. i think people need to stop projecting their inherent nastiness on to me cos i am truly a nice guy, like, not saying this to fluff myself up or anything but based on everyone i know and the shitty things they say do act IRL (I am always watching and judging everyone) I like to think I have more manners and class, im not passive aggressive, i don’t hate on people or say shit out of jealousy, ugh i could go on but the point is people paint me in a manner, or focus on one thing because that one thing they see me highlighting is the very thing they have “issues” with and usually they’re of a sexual nature, they feel uncomfortable and yet keep coming back for more, why, I do not know and care, I have to force myself not to as the “I don’t care” credo is pure bullshit. I have blinders on for haters and I just keep going.

    My entire family loves and adores, is proud of me. I’m sure your mediocre bullshit impresses your families too, bravo. See now when I say shit like that I am pot stirring, you don’t have to take the bait or it to heart.

  5. Yeah. I think that last point is key. The awesome thing about the internet is that you can always just not read something. If someone has issues with a blog (or more likely, issues with themselves brought out by a blog), it’s pretty easy to close a browser window. Which why I say it’s only as real as you want it to be.

    I recently had someone (who I don’t know) actually text me, calling me a “gay fagget”, probably because of my blog or Twitter. That’s pretty extreme.

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