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Expert inside

My friend is wrapping up a class this week he’s teaching (no it’s not my bf lol) on the internet or digital whateverthefuck and naturally needed to ask an actual success story (those who can, do and those who can’t, teach classes about it at Sheridan I guess) so he emailed me last night and I was all ok remind me in the morning or it goes in to a black(berry) hole of forget. So without further ado, here is some garbage I just wrote that he will re-work in to a teachery-like offering of in the form of wisdom, Raymi style. (I know how you like to read and all).

Don’t say anything you cant take back. always think before engaging in a flamewar (in the future they will probably be illegal or have stronger repercussions for trolling) day time traffic is valuable so sacrifice your social life when you can to drive that traffic to your blog/social media/anything. Be patient, be original and funny, but dont try too hard. Learn about spin doctoring and do that like a pro. And anyone IRL who brings you down for your little projects ie blog, take no heed and keep on truckin because you will succeed. You are no one these days if you don’t have an online presence, how do you expect to get free things or get in to places? You can use a blog as a media passport in to all your cool favourite things if you work it right. Whether you buy in to celebrity or not, following the celebrity recipe for blogging (the full polished product, including you)(aka DON’T BE A SLOB HOW YOU LOOK MATTERS SO DEAL WITH IT ACCORDINGLY) you will go far. Give the people what they want, they want to be inspired, they want a leader, someone larger than life. Things don’t exist until they’re invented so get going! People don’t care anymore so you have to make them care. Just read my blog and take cues from that and call anytime.

xo your pal raymi

14 thoughts on “Expert inside

  1. One day, people are going to hear Jack Kerouac’s name and say: ” Hey, isn’t he related to Lauren White? Too bad he never got to meet her…or read her stuff.”

  2. “And anyone IRL who brings you down for your little projects ie blog, take no heed and keep on truckin because you will succeed”

    Haha all you forgot was *insert condescension here*

    So @#$%ing true. Solid advice.


  3. im being condescending? I wasnt intending to (for once this time haha) but i think you mean irl people. anway irl people make blog life interesting, those are the people we write about, they read it, and pretend like it wasnt about their shitty behaviour, rinse and repeat.

  4. No no, I meant THEY’RE being condescending! haha my bad.

    When ever people ask “How’s that little project of yours?” they might as well pat you on the head while saying it.

    “Oh, you mean that project that I dedicate tons of time to, love passionately and you’re secretly jealous of? It’s going great actually. How’s your mediocre life?”

    Fully agree.


  5. Thought that was what you meant. This is why I downplay as much as poss and wait patiently for the i told you so minute, i knew it then and it’s happening now so burn on you and say whatever you like or think about me because I am a force and this is a power blog aghhhhH! ahahah.

    kat how did you get @kat that is impressive!

  6. haha I enjoy the power laugh. Crazy with power. Crazy with something.

    It actually all came from a joke. Working on social media stuff for my job, claiming company user name and thought “HA, imagine I were @kat? I’m going to file a request”. Back then they were actually granting requests. 5 hours later (total luck) I was @kat.

    I get min. 10 emails a week saying “you’re attempting to change your password…” UH no I’m not. People wanna be me I guess. *crazy with power laugh*


  7. Love those words of wisdom, some great ones to go by.

    Also, every single time I go to watch a streaming video of Big Bang Theory, your face pops up and says “I was born sexual…” before my video begins.

    I love it, you’re everywhere!

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