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Shining Time Hot Mess Trainwreck Station

On Monday we got Monday night Drunk and it was aiight.

My roots get to this and then I get them done. If I washed my hair daily for two weeks I could get away with prolonging appointments (it would look the opposite of this photo), but I’m neurotic and I have this hook-up so, I go like clockwork. I was very nervous for yesterday’s appointment thanks to my &$%#&%#% brother. I was practically in tears, I have breakage in the back and one time a few appointments ago Brennen made a comment about maybe going darker. NO WAY. But then as we do a blow-out and the fresh roots and toning is seen plus a treatment, Brennen falls in love again and we’re good to go. He is a genius and smokin’ hot and seriously a sweetheart, I love the whole team there!! They all get their fingers in my infamous tresses and for three hours I regale them with Planet Raymi bullshit. WIN WIN.

Not bad here at all, that was just an insanely TMI close-up and I didn’t do anything special with my hair because I don’t want to touch it. No one is allowed to touch it. Silk pillowcases here I come.

We Gay towned it up with the animals. Watched my top ten inspirational music videos, which degenerated in to retarded youtube amateur videos then I sent her ass home.

You have TWO rugs to choose from now and this is your current favourite perch. Oh-kay. I put this up to shame us to vacuum their hair dust clumps everywhere (like we have time) and technically I guess it should be my job to do but I am too busy typing to you stupid idiots all day long.

I am still bordering sick-ish so I stayed in again last night, I hate bailing on friend’s events but, you gotta look out for number one right. I have on-camera stuff next week and now that I am a fossil I have to take’r easy in between givin’er.

Courtney’s pics will be later down this post I don’t know why this is all backwards. Anyway, we watched a 1947 Disney film called fun and fancy free, it was trippy.

Jiminy Cricket breaks and enters into various people’s homes and then watches the people’s lives which turns in to two different stories in the “movie”.

Oldie Disney movies make me feel good inside.

So weird.

I grew up aggressively watching family channel. I had a nerd shut-in phase, as much crap I inject into my blog now that same amount of time was spent watching movies, tv, and listening to tunes as a kid.

Last night. My scalp is temporarily pink. I like when I get a cute after-tone, sometimes ash.

Here it is very Marilyn. I am against weaves, they would snag all my hair out. Being platinum is a big step and requires commitment and upkeep, and you have to hear about it ALL THE BLOODY TIME and your friends will whine about your old hair and piss you off. They can eat your dust when your princess tresses are tickling your belly button like a mermaid. This is real hair, and I have struggled though growing it so it’s annoying when some other chick just dons extensions I consider it c-h-e-a-t-i-n-g.

See how big my new HK necklace is? I also have to blow softer on the candles when I put them out, red wax on the wall.

Can you tell the video?

One of my mittens is smaller than the other, both knit by a mom and a daughter, cute right? If I wear them out they will take up my entire purse.

Stella loves her mummy. If you say that word to her she loses it! I say it four hundred times a day.

Lady Garbage slinks over for a head rub.

We unintentionally wore matching striped socks.

I guess get used to looking at people sitting on the rug pictures and all my friends having FB our livingroom profile pictures because I never go out anymore.

I’m wearing jeggings. Stupid word.

So emo. I was blasting emo tunes too. Fitting.

In the supermarket I was like, thank god I didn’t wear my yellow/blue striped ones. I like dressing like a tool in the winter time, I could care less.

Stella stares in to your soul.

Come on by for your portrait!

Ooh hot! Lookin’ good Courtney.

This came with our pizza. Super doughy. But good. I threw half of it out, dough stays in you for days while you digest it. Pass fatties!

The frosting looks like semen (but tastes better!) and that would be my newest cat scratch on my finger.

Let me take your coat. You will find entire outfits hanging up on that, like, a sock or a bra, suspenders. It’s PeeWee’s playhouse.

Courtney said her outfit didn’t matter because she was going, “nowhere special” uh WRONG. INTERNET IS TONS SPECIAL and lasts a lifetime.

You’re doing it wrong.


5 thoughts on “Shining Time Hot Mess Trainwreck Station

  1. most animals stare into the soul, they are very intuitive
    what did Shawn do?
    you could always tone down hair colour if it means healthier hair.

    Getting ready to order Haileys computer. Please pass the hat on the weekend.

    Why don’t you start calling lady garbage lady gaga?

  2. extensions ARE cheating. plus no matter how “tastefully” (expensively) they’re done, I can always tell. that telltale tacky line. go full wig or go home!

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