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How the Minx stole Christmas

This was my Thursday outfit which turned into a romper and thigh highs and a staying in night. I was supposed to go to Jay-Z and Kanye but my full of shit ticket holder date for the night was stuck out of the city (and doesn’t inform me once about this all day either) I am unfriending after I hit publish. He only for sure wanted to bone me, he never has so he’s been pestering me for a year since our last hang, in-where he still didn’t get laid and I explicitly told him (shouldn’t have) that this “concert” will not end in a boning either. I wonder if he even had tickets? He had the nerve to text me at 1am “still up?” ignore and 30 pokes on FB later the next day.

hey… sorry been MIA.. Im still in London for a emergency work thing.. things are bonkers…. Does not look like this night going to happen…

Raymi Lauren White
hilarious you are a jerk off thanks for fucking telling me today not once.
so angry

I was trying to get shit done to make. You think I do not want to go to jay n ye.

Raymi Lauren White
I better not see any kanye tweets by u then lol

So is the appropriate thing to say. Let me take you for a few drinks lol ?

Raymi Lauren White
pfft i can buy myself a few drinks. you made me look stupid, you gave no notice, i am dynamite to hang with, you blew it. more like drinks on a jet.

Reeeeelax Shit happens

Well it doesn’t happen to me! I am a busy socialite and if I make time for something that means other important somethings are on the back burner and if you don’t have the balls to man up and tell me it’s not happening, you are dead to me. He told me to be ready for 6 and I am never ready for six, or, ready. But this time I was cos I didn’t have his number (new phone) and he didn’t reply to my two FB contact attempts, one in the day and one an hour before he was supposed to fucking arrive. He is full of shit and I doubt he even had tickets “good ones”.

Aaand unfriend thank you goodbye. You blew it.

I was only using you for your tickets dude, you knew that. Last time we went to a Leaf game and you had shitty seats and because of my hair I walked us down to gold. It’s a good time to go out with me and chicks always flock and then you can have the spill-over, what a moron.

Playing that shit off casual-like to your boyfriend is rough, like, I didn’t want them to meet, this dude to me isn’t even a person, he only wants one thing but I have to act like the naive innocent girlfriend. I am not a wet blanket of a partner, I have a life and I do things on my own and if it so happens to be a dude that I have to do the thing with, then so be it, no one is my boss but me and I like to think that all women in life enjoy the same freedoms with their partners. I was in the bath and Teacher asked how I would feel if he was going to a concert with a girl I had never met, well, I don’t work with hypothetical jealousy scenarios and right now I have one hour to be ready so you get back to me when you have this girl concert date and see how I react about it. I didn’t sign up for games, it’s a waste of time and stupid, I’m going to Jay-Z and that’s that but you see, this bro didn’t just f with one person by bailing, he fucked with two.

It would have been a good time, we’d have caught up with the cougs or I’d have ditched him. I def would be wasted incarnate blah whatever. I’m only using this tale for entertainment purposes while I throw up the rest of the pics I uploaded and ran out of time to blog yesterday.

Ok next I tackle Mystery Camera. I also have to clear a bunch of shots this tv show wants permission to use, ughhh I hate tasks. I’m over my phone data limit so how much does that cost and when is my next billing period? I’m going to watch a taping of Foster the People today with Sarah! PUMPED. Then Lana Del Ray. Mental.

Who knows how today will end…

8 thoughts on “How the Minx stole Christmas

  1. ..i think that is a rotten thing to do to a boyfriend. fuck passive aggression, if you don’t want to be in a relationship, then move on i say. don’t go on a date with a guy you don’t want your boyfriend to meet who wants to screw you and plan on getting drunk and try to act like it’s ok.

    sounds like some kind of subversive revenge.

    they have a place for situations like this:
    .baggagereclaim. co . uk

    i’m disappointed. i read your blog because i thought you were an independent chick that i could relate to. this makes you seem like someone who i’d have zero respect for in real life and yeah i have a chip on my shoulder about stuff like this but whatever.

    good luck.


  2. LOSER SPINSTER chill thanks. do you live in the sticks? do you understand independence and omitting personal details to my life because people like you get a little too invested? you’re taking something out on me, this situation with my “friend” that I am in the right about, good grief lady. I love my boyfriend and we love our life together. Get over your shit.

  3. I specifically came here to tell you I am loving this post. I also think the insecure commenter is hilarious because it just reiterates your whole point of chilling out and trusting people. anyway, respect.

  4. it would never occur to me to interfere in someone else’s life, their choices, potential fallout. quite shitty of her actually, anti-feministy all around. tired of girl hate. thanks jo :)

  5. those supermarket store shots are awesome. you look gorgeous with the pink blazer and your blonde hair. very glam — even in a supermarket. i want a pink knock off jacket (i wonder where I could get one) as I LOVE pink.

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