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Hala y’all!

This room looks so much more suburban now. I likey.

Where are your feets?

Line-up outside and I don’t care.


On Saturday we had less than five minutes to make it before brunch was over at the Gladstone, my doc marten shoe became completely untied, it was freezing and we had to get by this which was terrifying because obviously if any Mr. Bean-like construction accident were to occur it would exclusively happen as I should happen to walk by. We made it to brunch in the nick of time and were home again in under an hour.

I love our waitress, she’s served us before in the other room. So efficient and courteous, I adore good service. I’m a foodie, it’s vital. Speaking of I haven’t eaten all day and should probably start getting ready for going out. Monday is my Sunday.

CN Tower Christmas. Can you imagine walking on that at night? I’d do it!

Can’t get over these cards, YES double-sided gold, who would give a shit if it was just gold-topped? Yeah hi your present I found in the common area dorm lounge, don’t thank me all at once now. Def need to get my own deck.

Sick right? My brother was like, yeah, DISGUSTING. Dad was like, EYE-ROLL! Never growing up ever.

And now I give you, classic dude party. Dudes at a party (yes there were chicks there too).

Were they talking about a) basketball b) their band c) an obscure musician everyone apparently knew about or really acted like they did or d) all of the above?

More dudeisms. How to be a dude at a party, practise saying in the mirror, “Hey, wanna go out for a: smoke and/or dart? (take your pick they will know what you mean).

Ugh apparently no one can figure out the ancient modern day wisdoms of blackberry cellphonular technology maybe we can find a 14 year old to teach my friends how to take pictures with it cos obvi my instructions are in Latin THE DEAD LANGUAGE.

How to navigate the dude gauntlet at the party when you are just going for a pee or a drink but want to keep talking about girl stuff with your friend on the balcony: speed shuffle through while crouching and ask one guy to state the differences between American and Canadian football while looking at a different dude and making a really confused face then split.

Nathan and Heidi’s place is amazing.

I look teeny. He’s 6′ 2. I’m slouching for the sake of coolness. I’m 5’9.

Why am I dressed like a Sabrina the teenage witch episode?

I wore this shirt as a joke and it backfired because everyone loved it! Yay Lois you made me cool!

Nathan and Rudy. Rudy is a Jack Russell (yeah right)(ok he is) Pug mix. A jug. He looks like a demon from adorable hell and doesn’t like me as much as he should cos I smell like Stella and only ever see him when there’s a party and dogs are party nervous people typically. I call dogs and cats people because I am funny. Lady Garbage will be doing something stupid and I’ll go, she is the WORST person that I have EVER met and everybody laughs. (please credit my jokes okthxbai).

Yay they smoked outside for once. A pregnant chick was there earlier, it wasn’t for me even though I acted like it was and enjoyed it immensely.

Ok attention deficient pals, if you hold out to the end (40 seconds!) you will snicker. I can’t believe I forgot how to play one of the 4 piano songs I know. I sure as shit ain’t no Jerry Lee lewis :( but you can hear how I sing AC/DC (try track 2 or 3, don’t waste your time on 1) the girls sound excellent on their instruments I say.

Back with more soon even though it’s hard to blog after-dark and I want to watch the rest of Eclipse in my long johns.

Teacher bought me this Sunday as an olive branch even though we so weren’t done fighting yet. Dating me is better than a roller coaster, it’s the whole theme park! Ps. I landed the audition thing I had last week. :)

I need more hoodies, not this one. Well this one in barbie pink. When your hair is white you can dress like a barbie doll.

A guy walked by these balloons dressed in the same colours and I wanted to ask him to pose by them but he looked “too cool” “for school” which actually means he looked like a try hard and would have been snotty even though I would have “made” him. You are never too cool for crap-o-blog kay?

Nathan is a good painter, his piece is behind the couch here, we’re going to be re-arranging the art soon on the walls. Good to change it up.

I was going to take a picture of when we left what I looked like to capture the degree of skanky-degeneration but I was too tired by that point and took a mental snap instead, you can see how I looked in the raymi the ripper blood graffiti video.

Heidi LOVES Elvis. I love when people have a “thing”. Elvis stuff is everywhere, his army dog tag numbers are featured in Nathan’s painting above our couch. Neat.

Waitin’ for the loo.


The dudes are over it.

Would it kill you to take one un-blurry picture of me? Do you know how hot I look here? BARELY and why is that? Cos it looks like you took this from a dune buggy flying over jumps.

Caterpillar cat knows all sees all. She has a nose freckle too.

She also hides behind the mirror I rest against this table, there is like, no space there. It’s funny and depressing.

Teacher is her favourite, L. Garbage and Stella are on Team Raymi.

We packed our stuff and hit the road for my dad’s.


It was like we never left the house. Me and this girl on the other couch way on the opposite end of the room, smiled and stared openly at each other, unapologetically. I love people, I don’t want to say “people watching” cos it’s such a common term and I like to think I study rather than watch, but not in a psycho way. I like to make up assumptions and test my theories by meal’s end and I am usually right.

Time for food!

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