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Welcome to our new show of stuff we watch while watching champagne I mean drinking champgane CHAMPAGNE LOL on big screen tv!

Courtney is on the rug dying of laughter at my dismal attempt at typing. We need a third party filmer. bYe looking for more vids. Happy blogversary! YA!


We had to go to Wine rack (the King west one, ik) and the dude there taught us a science trick about putting a wet paper towel on the bottle and putting it in the freezer, which I was going to do anyway (the freezer thing) so I called his bluff and put a double thick wet one on, and it worked!

Courtney is over. We stayed in. It’s rainy and shitty out oh and a girl in Libville cut us off pulling out of her parking garage driveway and we skidded almost right into her car Teacher was breaking like crazy and the slick roads she didn’t even look before pulling out and we were like O_O face to face I was so scared and THEN she fucking mouths SLOW DOWN BUDDY! and we had the right of way! Courtney in the back seat was like WHAAAAAAAAAT!!! She ruined our night, shook up Teacher. HER FAULT. SO angry. So as we were shopping we were all completely rattled. Courtney and I are discussing it right now and Teacher went to bed crabby. UGH!

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