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savvy lover yes i am

Yay I’m a facebook ad and on youtube on the top banner ad front page dad. It went live late last night and we happened to be up and all these messages came flooding in so crazy I love it. Over 11,000 likes so far, dad I’ll show you the full documentary/commercial when I see you maybe this weekend though I don’t think you’ll want to hear the vulgar things I say. Behind the scenes footage can be seen here and here. Super fun shoot, loved working with this team and Rob. Thanks everyone!

Off to Sexist Texas Jam now it’s been awhile.

TGIF! And it’s gorgeous out.

I wrote this at 17 in Rayne’s Park, Wimbledon. Filled in half a journal in this cafe stayed for hours and spent a lot of money, it was worth it.

One thought on “savvy lover yes i am

  1. i saw that ad last night and thought for a sec, did i just see…..?….no.. i must be reading that blog too much..

    i should have clicked the ad (just did). CONGRATS girl!! WERK!

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