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Saucy Sunday Mondays

Good day sorry I’m late. Had to clean up the gingerbread cave. We managed to use every single cup on hand and thus two loads of dishwashing in queue that I cannot sit down and work with a clear mind by if it doesn’t look at least a little tidy. Cluttered space, cluttered mind.

The new rug is sumptuous and lovely and everybody is happy about it I want more pillows now and the first person to spill on it gets their throat slit. I’m one to talk though, spilled red wine on my white jacket last night, it came out but what a scene. My glass tripped on the creased table cloth and launched it everywhere.

This book is a relic.

Downloading more of yesterday’s/this weekend’s modest damage and I’ll be back with…MORE!

Taking it easy today cos tomorrow I have an important audition. Nuthin’ to sell here, just bloggin’ to blog. How was your weekend?

The gravy wall was mesmerizing, I must say. Bernaise sauce!

Pizzaless pizzas and green bean poutine. Knowing me is like knowing PeeWee Herman. You’re welcome.

There’s something sexy about this shitty cell phonograph of me. Just can’t put my finger on it.

But anyway, here is one of (several) of my popular twitter retweeted quotes, lets live by it today:

OWN THY SHIT! Whatever that may be, own it. You are you so you be the best you and don’t worry about anybody else.

Mondays are delicious (because it’s my first time alone after the weekend and it makes me excitable to be a loner?) Speaking of delicious…

Code name: Raymbo (like rambo) and just as mullet-like
Secret weapon: A toothy fake smile
Fav bite: Jerk
Hates: Meatloaf

10 thoughts on “Saucy Sunday Mondays

  1. Hey, I had no idea you guys were Calvin and Hobbes fans too!
    “Unless you stalk and overrun,
    You can’t devour anyone!”

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