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Reality blogger star vortex

Ever glad that wind machine trick worked, Raymio. (Fabio duh).

Ha cheesy.

This smell is so nostalgic to me, cranberry and pomegranate. Powerful and I think I said reminiscent and Teacher goes, get it, scent? YES THANK YOU!

Just unearthed a trove of iphone pictures. Oh boy.

Wasn’t SNL so good? And Florence! What were the two songs she did? I want to youtube abuse them.

Seriously I feel like Angelica Houston in Life aquatic with all these animals that all visit one by one and gather around it’s like Snow White meets Harold & Kumar. Lol.

This is pretend posing obvi. You run out of ideas eventually when you are an old geezer dead horse beating blogger like me, you get better at it, true, but come Sunday you just want to hang in your underwear.

Just wait until this room gets attacked by Christmas.


Raymi the Real doll coming soon. How much money do you think they would pay for me? He said a grand, if it were a Raymi fan. Interesting. Lord knows there are chicks who give it up for free and regularly. It would be more like five grand I’d say. We have interesting conversations around here lemme tell ya.

We watched a lot of telly this weekend.

Welp, at least my hair is perfect. The trick is to not wash it for three days, on day three, wash it and ta da. The natural hair oil (grease) relaxes it and your hair is like hey! I’m relaxed! Then you act conceited all day long and the scary mess monster what was before is long gone.

But a NEW scary monster appears in her stead, bossy hot monster! You cannot escape.

I am drunkish here. It was awesome. Had a can of clamato and vodka at home and just took the rest to go. I was good this weekend we had marathon movie couch surfing to make me look younger and fresh for tomorrow.

This is a Raymeh room for sure there is so much going on.

He said I have to clean up the mantle for Christmas time, well not really cos all my stuff is sparkly and decorated already and I am planning on a Hello Kitty explosion. Sigh fine just kidding! I’m a girl version of a Ryan Reynolds’ Freaky Friday film rip-off dramedy how his loft aesthetics might be, big kitschy junk and juvenile garbage littered everywhere. SORRY I’LL CHANGE! (pfft right).

The more people try and mindfuck me to change, the more I stay the same, and play better.

Long winter. Boo :(.

I can’t tell if I am in shape or not anymore. I’m not heavier so, ugh. I am too lazy to run I have to get back in to that habit. I just HATE the cold.

I have problems going cross-eyed, I have to hold my finger between my nose, they just want to see straight.

Hot date.

Nothing I do is stupid.

I am a victim of circumstance.

It’s begun!

Nice and thick. Made the right choice. He tried to go toward grey, cheaper, no no no. This will match all the stupid white things in the room.

And better for pictures.

The other rug is going upstairs on the landing whenever that gets cleaned. #never

SCARY BABYSITTER legs. That’s my sequel to Bad Teacher.

She gets paid extra after midnight… I can’t write something vulgar enough right now I am too much in la la land.

Almost got a big mirror for behind the couch and will but need to know how to mount/anchor without it coming down on our heads. I think a mirror belongs over the fireplace though this post is so yuppie puke barf sorry.

See the difference in our phone camera qualities? Different shades of garbage.

This had better not be rug foreshadowing.

So far so good.

No seriously, I was listening. What?

Ikea scales are skinny scales.

Shelf for the little bathroom. Above toilet.

Great view, lovely dinner. Suburban and high-end common but whatever. They had boozy bellinis.

It is beautiful in there and I loved the green grass by the kitchen. I love going out to Sunday dinner.

He had rib-eye.

My view, I swapped so he could take it in plus that cute italian family left so I ran out of people to stare at. There were a lot of babies though and young dads. Teacher wants a baby now. Sorry not now!


How many songs are written about you? I have four to my knowledge. I also have to review that book with the story written by a twelve year old Raymi, Laura coincidentally emailed me today. I need more manpower! Yes that is sexist I like it.

I would make a good sorceress or some cosplay dorky zelda type thing. IDEA!

I love Kiki Dunst.

Schwartzmen is hilar in this.

Party on, Wayne. Ok guys this has been great but I have work to do meow. Have a nice day!


Colleague just sent me this: Female Blogger’s Defense of the Nude Inflames Egypt thoughts?

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