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Constantly is not enough

This is a two piece I got at Adventurehouse garage sale off Melodie, it’s a bit big but I kinda like that. I love playing dress-up.

Mad mama!

It’s quarter passed five do you know where your husband is?

I am swimming in this, gonna get it taken in to major slutville tiny town usa.

Christmas work party disaster in the making wheee!

When I ask for a cigarette that’s when it’s curtains.

Just kidding, cigarettes are disgusting.

Nail polish change night!

Running for congress.

References available upon request. Any idiot who puts that on a resume is an, idiot. Make that shit up! Mr. Majors Manager of Bullcrap Industries, employed by for 7 years sure call his ass up no problem!

Do you like peppermints, dear? Why don’t you suck on one while you wait in the lounge, sir.

Heeheh. I am ready Donal Trump.

Oh kitty.

Do you guys think oysters actually make you horny or is that a placebo effect? I have some important foodie interview questions to answer bye now. OOH guess who got VIPLEASE to Ghostface at Sound Acadmey HOLLA!! Hot mess OUTTIE. I hope Courtney looks good I am tired of being the hottest one all the time.

4 thoughts on “Constantly is not enough

  1. Any VIP’s for Thursday?

    That suit might be worth getting altered. The skirt taken in and shortened and the jacket taken in. Has a channel/Jackie O thing going.

    Your scaring the cat

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