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blogging on borrowed time

Takin’ pictures of the future dishes I’ll be crafting. I find if I am in a mellow enjoyable mood, I spend way more money at the grocery store. It’s ok though as it’s cost-efficient over going out. I make up for it in caviar.

I look like a slob break and enterer. Hipster boy bait.

Teacher pushed me on the cart in front of all these perfectionist yuppies near the deli, we quickly aborted that stunt. Hahha.

In the industry this is known as “set dec”. Britt taught me that.

Frech Baci chocolates. O_O YUM!

The missing Baci spot is the one I took! The guy making these flew in direct from Italy.

Green bean poutine. The gravy wall was amazing.

Top ten videos of hotness and bringing it inspiration according to RTM.


Here is an example of an email type message that I get daily here at raymi the Minx enterprises. A lot of people write to me or leave me death threats and sexually abusive comments regarding a video I danced to years ago and don’t seem to understand that youtube was merely just the vehicle in which I utilized for my dancey videos for my blog, which is my primary source of care, focus, and attention on the internet. I do not dwell on youtbe but for some reason this video, and I have many, gets the most cray cray and I think it’s because it’s in the Silence of the Lambs movie as those are the majority of quotes referenced in the comments, a lot of people make fun of me and say I am a transgender, whatever, THEY are the sexually-confused people. ANyway, here’s the comment:

Prugarten has sent you a message:

Re: zomg that dance was soooo hot


the “Goodby Horses Dance”

I noticed that ya dyed your hair, ya know, “blonds have more fun” but, traditionally, dark haired women currently and throughout history have been the most attractive, ironically, the vast majority of “First Ladies of the White House” have had dark hair, and, Cleopatra, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Princess Catherine of Wales, goddess “Aphrodite” all have dark hair, dont get me wrong, I think your hot either way, unquestionably a very very attractive women, not as sexy as me but, very attractive.

393 LIKES and 286 dislikes. Over 141,000 views. When you have been case studying people on the internet for over a decade and are kind of brilliant like me, you stumble on to patterns of habit with people, I find that this comment is true and pure and honest cos this person’s perspective on me is youtube channel driven, and my blog is secondary. Some people find this video of me and fall in love or are majorly repulsed. This video engenders a strong reaction because (I think) they’re already sensitive and freaky cos they’re youtubing Goodbye Horses cross-dressing theme song, which I didn’t know at the time. I heard it the night before at our friend’s house, loved the song while we were playing grand theft auto as it was on the video game and made a dance video to it. Similarly, there’s another song that I love to rap and dance to by L’il Kim and I am smart enough to know this time around that it would be “too much” to blog video dance, but I can perform it in a club, dance video it and I dunno, another Goodbye Horses happening?

Brb with more garbage as usual.

Icing failure. I TRIED to get more gingerbread houses but it felt excessive despite knowing there wouldn’t be icing in these Swedish minimalist kits. We have another one. I must say though, pairing high-end gingerbread (Ikea is good quality over grocery store junk) with ginger beer was genius of me. Did you enjoy this gingerbread warning anecdote?

I better win that trip. I never win anything though so whatever.

Exercise grease monster weekend.

Ok so apparently I am being too Nicolas Cage in Family Man right now this weekend so I am wrapping this up now BYE! Ps. I made a lot of funny comments on twitter last just saying if you needed some more Raymeh.

4 thoughts on “blogging on borrowed time

  1. be strong Raymi …… there’s a whole lot more of us “positive” fans than there are sicko’s ……

    It’s all part of becoming a celebrity sweetie, there’s always going to be wacko’s poking you with a stick from behind the safety of a keyboard.

    The only person you have to be true to is yourself ….

    And whilst you are at it, maybe you could spill the beans on how you can eat chocolate and still keep your amazing figure :)

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