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A guy from Quebec, a guy from Ontario and a Newf are stranded on an island and they can only bring one thing with them.

My newfy friend Brad is finally releasing his new solo album after a really really really long time of being in bands and figuring out what would suit him best. He decided to go solo about a year ago and everything’s kind of blown up since. Like all other newfies who so much as pick up an instrument, his rising newftastical star will be up there puh-retty soon, heard it here first. He won a spot in the top 8 at Indie Week competing against over 170 bands and walked away with 25 hours of recording time as a prize. He’s already booked interviews with several major news outlets who have taken interest to him, his EPK even airing to over 500,000 people on the NTV Entertainment Report (NTV as in Newfoundland TV). Britt directed it too so check it out below to see my talented pals. Ps. Brad your posture sucks j/k. PPS. Nice jean jacket where did you get it 1982 Triple ps. I see you walking in and out of the Gibson showroom a lot.

THAT VIDEO IS GORGEOUS I am coming to Newfoundland with ya Britt in the Spring. Or summer. You can’t stop me. Quebec again too. And then somewhere in the French Riviera and other european places. Can’t wait.

Being my pal I am obviously going to perhaps bore you with details but the first song is absolutely wicked. Reminds me of Ryan Adams meets City and Colour. So that being said, have a listen and if you are so inclined to want a download of this single that he also got a MuchFact video grant for you can pre-order the album on bandcamp but all info and updates are located on his official facebook page Ahh what a sweet boy you are, proud of you bro!

And for old time’s sake here I am running in Dundas Valley at 26 years of age to one of Brad’s songs from another band, The Evelyn Room. Britt directed that one too.

*Ps. and even though the newf is depicted as the stupid one in all these newfy jokes, he should win in all these deserted island scenarios cos he’s already been stranded on an island, a COLD one, for many years his entire f*cking life. DUH.

Oh shut up Brad. That’s our thing when we get pisswasted together, and he usually starts it and I finish it and don’t let him forget it. Another good one of his is, “WHATEVER RAYMI!” HAhaah then we shove each other around. Then Britt fell in a snow bank and he steered her on to a bus and she goes, “It was odd because, I never take buses.” No shit Sherlock.

BAYE! That’s a lot of newfs for one week, Renita is Brad’s sister. Check her out! It’s the millennial generational boom era.

5 thoughts on “A guy from Quebec, a guy from Ontario and a Newf are stranded on an island and they can only bring one thing with them.

  1. A descendent of French-Canadians (since I recognize it’s the French family-name Filiatreault but spelled in a degenerated way) who doesn’t speak French is a sure sign of musical gold. Just ask Alanis Morissette or Avril Lavigne!

  2. …Well okay, ONCE in a while someone with a French name who does speak French might hit it big like Céline Dion, but in hipster circles she’s reviled and is also karaoke poison…

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