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Well I saw it on tv so it must be true

Welcome, welcome. You are now watching RAYMBO COM do not change the channel.

Bonin’ up on my notes. Profesh.

Haha platinum no-face.

Thanks for taking and sending these shots, Ev.

And for climbing out of a window it appears to get this very artistic classic behind the scenesy one. That was very dangerous and brave of you.

This lighting has spoiled me, I didn’t look nearly as well-lit in the face today when talking at SSS, my old high school.

Ooh nice profile, too bad my face is obscured by that stupid box.

See how everyone has an ugly reading phone face? Gotta work on that.

It’s tough for me though cos I am usually reading something hugely stressful and confusing or mean. Anyway I am excited to see what they use from this and to get my paycheck I mean, see where this goes lol. I just celebrated another successful class lecture by cheersing myself with a whopper jr. and later on I’ll have chicken wings for dessert. I’m not finished my luxury junk food eating tour yet, what is wrong with me? Nothing.

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