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Happy Birthday Mum!

What’s up girl! Sometimes we manage to always be matching, intuitive, freaky, classy, good ladylike style right?

Yo meet my moms! She crazy and fearless as shit!

She’s also a spectacular nurturing Nana, so young too. The Cruel to be kind peanut gallery can say what they like but you can’t argue facts, when it is known that my mom has been there for every single person in my family in a major way at certain points of various crises in their lives, like a martyr, she’s our Mother Theresa and the one you call when shit goes down. She is a professional basket case dealer and thriver? She has earned her party lifestyle as far as I am concerned and I love seeing her live and love her life and I am uber proud of her in many ways.

We fight like mental but we know when to give it a rest. You don’t fight in Paradise. I only gave her neck a squeeze once we got to the airport and Lois just looked away, after 9 days in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale we had each other on perma-desensitized. How I wish I could tell you the juicy reason why I semi-strangled her, haha one day maybe.

Mom I was going to get you one of these yesterday then remembered you had one from this ridiculous photo-set you blogged years ago (I know lol I can’t beat her may as well join her) so I got you leopard print instead.

Was this the day I snapped at the alpha Bay street bulldog woman at Jack Astors? She deserved it. Mom gets trashed on unnecessarily by people in her scene, and crew out of jealousy and this mistreatment makes me want to punch their lights out (and it will happen one day don’t worry) so she encouraged my take down of this annoying bossy woman who felt threatened upon our bar arrival (one last drink and my mom was going home holy christ leave us alone!) and so I let her have it.

Though, my mom is kind of masterful at the passive aggressive pot stirring, winding you up innocently I think this is why we are an entertaining force on the internet cos I am mentally challenged defensive and naive and she needs a lot of attention and will incessantly bother me all day long.

Haha this “tribute” is turning in to a slaying and getting me totally irritated. Ok back to pleasantries and accolades.

Even animals love my mom and she takes photos obsessively, I paved the way for that but she is really incredible at it. I invite her to events cos I know she will do all the work for me plus old men will flirt with her and she will entertain me all night long and with Lois we are unstoppable. It’s her birthday too this week! We are partying this week. Pray for Raymeh.

Young dudes love my mom too.

She goes on nature walks like Rainman and is adventurous, creative, healthy, very healthy.

Awww. She is Kelly Preston hot.

She is an engager and social butterfly and brings a smile to people’s faces, captures moments, gives (unsolicited) advice blabbity blah that cardigan Hailey is wearing was mine.

Her gifts are always thoughtful and unique, stylish, classic and come with a story or explanation ahhaa.

She almost got a photo of Dennis Rodman this night we went out to Blue Martini in Ft. Lauderdale but I stopped her and she should have just done it but maybe her camera is why he bounced, plus the band announced him but we were dancing with him for a bit first.

We had a blast this night, great partier in crime my mom is.

Ew I am fat here.

Even Dan Aykroyd was smitten. Go Tracey!

Her granddaughter is her muse. Their bond is so touching to have witnessed over the years, Hailey tells my mom the most private and “real” things and adores my mom and mom is toughening her up. GAY!

I love that every annoying thing she does to me in life she gets back at her in form of her mom, Eileen.

The way my mom and Sylvia became friends is true to Tracey form too. Syl was one of the bird’s of a dude in the crew which inevitably ended but mom loved her so much said, be OUR friend girl stick around and now Sylvia is in the crew.

I steered them here last Thursday in lieu of the Keg and I think everyone enjoyed that hahaha.

My mom said that gizzard was pinching her. Exact words AHhaahahahhaahahaha! ROFL.

EVERY TIME I show up to meet the girls at the Keg my mom is holding court with at least 5 white collar dudes wrapped around her finger, drunk and photographing her.


Even Larry King. Tracey vs. the World in High Def, Tivo it!

I said mom, these are the famous people in attendance at this gala I have the exclusive on tonight, do your thing, and that, she did.

I don’t even know what this is from but I am sure it was a nice time.

Happy Birthday to Lois too! You are the point to our babe-triad. Lets make up a secret handshake to perform when we cheers. Hhahaha. I’m drinking mimosas at my dad’s house right now. Oooh Brutiful!

Thanks to this woman, if I play my cards right, I will be hot until I am fifty. P-E-D-I-G-R-E-E. My friend Rob told me if I was a horse, he’d buy me, when he found out I was a Kerouac. Merci maman je t’aime. Oh my god Speakng of francophone, when Justin Trudeau said I love you papa (je t’aime papa) en francaise at the service for Pierre, I died. So did my mom. We are sensitive nerds.


You have competition though. How did I miss this picture. Cool right?


16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mum!

  1. Ah Raymi,… this tribute is the best present a daughter can give to a mother,….so beautiful,….you got me girl!!! Sniff, sniff.
    Your relationship with your mom is the genuine article as you are. That’s why we love youuuu. xoxo

  2. So I go on rainman walks?

    what about all the cat and dog walks we went on when you were a child
    You counted the dogs, me the cats
    the cats usually won!

    rainman eh?


  3. Hailey A. G.

    A Nana Like You

    Someone who will understand, who knows the way I feel,
    in every situation, their concern is very real.

    Someone who has walked my ways, who knows my every need,
    times when they would see me cry, their heart would nearly bleed.

    Everyone should have a Nana just the way I do, richly blessed is what I am to have a Nana like you.


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