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Hot child in the city runnin wild and lookin pretty

Mom show these top two to NANA!

Burlesque take over!

Ha that’s teacher. Lucky guy. Also that’s Red Velvet.

Here too! You guys are in luck come Saturday, and come Wednesday we will be saluting you from the middle of a WRESTLING RING at 99 Sudbury for the ANDROID TO after party with Andy Milonakis, Roller Derby girls, catered by Palais Royale, Tiny Danza are performing and I’ll be checking you in so bring your cameras! You can buy tickets at the door. 7PM.

We have roll-on luggage. You are going to diiiie when you see this routine.

Bobby Darin is driving me mad though, also, Kevin Spacey played him in Beyond the Sea, also the name of our song, plus I watched Horrible Bosses starring Kevin Spacey last night, and, my dad is pretty much a dead ringer for him, also big Bobby Darin fan. Omg I think I just wrote the sequel to the movie Number 23. See how the floor panels move and shift, I have to kick/nudge the slats back in place.

I looked like a weird naked wizard.

LOL are you still scrolling?

10 thoughts on “Hot child in the city runnin wild and lookin pretty

  1. i found them years ago from a halloween costume store, the tops are pleather. can find better or same anywhere. i never wore them when i bought them cos i was fat.

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