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obviously i want this chick to win.

Welcome to aerobics class.

OK so we call her ugly raymi no don’t think we are evil because of it, she’s still very very cute, and I’m not saying I’m adorable or anything but to lessen the blow of maybe actually looking legitimately like her, it’s a defense mechanism of sorts. I have my ugly moments actually I would totally agree that I am ugly, like garbage woman from the labyrinth ugly. I need makeup. TONS of it. And the nature of Geordie Girl culture is the same as jersey shore, spray tans, fake hair, nails, gym, tan, laundry wuh-paw! I’m down with that except I barely do laundry. The machines take 300 minutes! Lets just say sometimes outfits get very creative.

Look how many people are on this thing now all the time —–> O_O HI! Now is the time to advertise with Raymbo. I may be racy (tame) but people sure are watching. Not like those other blogs. Corporate turd versions of this who ripped my niche entirely. Original Gangsta as always.

Just happened to be wearing the same outfit as her all the time, also, their fashion is a year+ advanced than ours so everything I see are mesmerizing glimpses of the future. I really really (Willy willy willy!) want to go back to uk badly, their summer extends into september so we’re watching big brother summer all over again except naked, swearing style! And everyday like a soap! We refer to them as “our friends”. I tweet all day everyday about this stupid show, when people get evicted it’s like top of the pops, crazy fans and family members of the housemates on the outside being interviewed. They humiliate you and make you watch your most cringe-worthy moments and the show makes everyone a celebrity. The editing is phenomenal. How do I win us tickets to the final eviction? O_O I met some other bbuk fans at the gibson party after talking to browsz7kowski for ten full minute about it and then he runs into us talking about it and is like WTF I better watch this show.

This is the logo of my old burlesque troupe, no hate. That’s where Bunny Angora comes from, one of the Harth Airlettes. Do you like being exposed to the underbelly of burlesque and history? How did I accrue over a year or so of burlesque clout? I am amazing. Hahah I just remembered some of my stand up material, I’ve decided to make fun of my boyfriend. It’s going to be HUGE. About how all his friends hate me, yesterday he’s like do you talk to everybody this way? No, just you hon (Alex voice). He gets me good too don’t worry. We are both retarded and talk in baby babble to each other cos all we fucking do is watch big brother uk and everyone talks like liam gallagher on speed and they’ve all gone mad too which is making us feel looney as well. When you write about tv it makes you feel cuckoo too ahhh! But this is the funny farm and I should just embrace it. reading fourfour‘s obsession about telly makes me feel better about my fluff posts. This blog as a whole warrants it, I can write about pots and pans falling down the stairs it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve decided to just start thinking of myself as a skateboard magazine bigger type entity than just myself to help cushion the many crazy people blows, I’ve transcended my being? Person? And I’ve always wanted to be a magazine anyway, this is practise.

Tonight I have band practise. I bought our band name domain too. SEXIST TEXAS. I’ve never been to Texas. It’s a compliment, envision it on a grey t-shirt in black western saloon font on some hipster chick with black hair and tats, I know right?

Who cares if we suck, we’r three girls plus tyler stewart on drums. $$$$$$. Hahah I told the girls to prepare to be rich. They met me at Nuit Blanche and loved my crazy insane stage antics.

gets good at 00:57 and then I strip in the crowd.

I said no one ever wanted to be in a band with me before (they were like !!! and thought I was totally already IN a band and wanted to steal me :) ) cos I thunder steal which is bullshit, I just want to play music and make money and this is a sure thing ding-a-ling. they have a myspace of their music and they’re really good too. I better bring it, they want me to learn shoot to thrill and givin the dog a bone. HAhahha. My dad was like can I play with you???? Oh wel wel well now Duncan, the shoe is now on the other foot. Maybe we’ll start a cult underground version of arts & crafts band collaborations, and use Melodie’s band LIPP?

So after my consult meeting (I consult to internet retards btw: and shesconnected worksop today (in like less than half hour and I have to shower) I rush home, practise and go to band practise. I am nervous.

My hair seems to be growing in slow-mo.

Don’t forget to KTWA!

Kill them with awesome.

And better stay tuned for the Reagan Raymi show!

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