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Go live and love your lives

so while all this cuckoo bananas was going down, I was getting nice emails like this:

“.. you’re getting the REASONS you’re hated all wrong. Yes, you’re hated alright. But not for why you seem to think so. Which is kindof the saddest part. People are smarter than you think and see so far through your fairy-lookatme-i’m SO special bullshit, do you really not thinhk so? Are you so far removed?

“I like when new trolls discover me, they fall all over themselves starting up dummy twitter accounts to troll me and comparing me to heidi montag. So naive and lazy these reactions to all things RTM.COM it never changes. They’re like this OMG WHAT? Pictures of herself! SO MANY! And her clothes! OOOH ^&%#&$#&! Like seriously people did you just stumble into the internet yesterday? How else do you get people interested in your life if you don’t fucking show it?”

NO. Nooooooooooooo girl. The thing is, I actually believe you to be very smart. MAYBE even as smart as you like to proclaim all the time. I know, SSSSHHHHHHH, you’re a genius, people are maaaaagnetized to you, you’re SO beautiful, you’re a SHELL OF DOLL BEAUTY, you’re so fucking smart and amazing, just everyone wants to fucking blow you. SSSHHHHHH. I know. And yet… I don’t buy it for a fucking second. You claim to be all show, show don’t tell, dont’ you? But you REALLY don’t think you’re blow a whole lot of hot fucking air around? Do you actually think this is what makes someone likeable, proclaiming their amazingness, TELLING you that you must be in love with them, that oh, I’m so thin and gorgeous and my hair is made of marshmallow and I can’t go anywhere without PILES of adoration and envy? YOU’RE ALL JUST JEALOOOOUUUSSSH. Eeww. Cut that shit short. No one it buying except you sad little Raymi turd loser army and your oldest dearest friends, and only cause they knew you before the asshole grew into this huge of a shitpile.

“How else do you get people interested in your life if you don’t fucking show it?”

Yes, SHOWING IS FINE. No one is telling you not to show your life. Or your body for that matter! That’s FINE, that is NOT. THE. PROBLEM. (I’d lay off the pout desperate loser face though, it’s so obvious) Showing your life is fine. Showing your life and TELLING PEOPLE how vain, shallow, sexy, thin, no sorry, I’m faaaaat today waaaaaaaaaah (do you not think girls who feel less than great about their body read your blog? That’s a nice thing to give them. I’m 120 lbs and boohoo, I feel faaaaaaat! You know better than this and I know so. Have you lost all sense of empathy? You claim to be SO sensitive to shit, well where is that then??).

Look, I don’t have the energy for this rigght now cause good lord I could go ON, but I’ll leave you with the synopsis: you are someone who could be someone great, hilarious, insightful, warm. Instead you’ve created this raging, shallow, absurdly self-involved, vainer than in humanly possible, BEYOND obnoxious, idiotic Hilton-Montag-Denise Richards-Tara Reid-whatever other moronic contribute-nothing airhead of the moment persona. I just wonder why. I KNOW you’re smart. ANd have substance. Why do you hide it in the disgusting shell that you do? Who told you that was the way to go???? Do you know ANYONE who likes, or will ever pay a fucking CENT for anything any of these deluded twats does?! Be honest, with yourself, do you? No. No.

You are just. So. Obvious. Everyone knows your act. Everyone hates your act. But maybe not the real you. Step out of it. And stop being such a phony, arrogant bitch. It’s not NEARLY as cute as you think.

My blog is a business guy fucking relax

Yeah, I GET THAT part. That is certainly not hard to tell.

What I’m saying is – are you actually proud of this fuckface girl you’re presenting to the world as your ‘business’? Really??? You know there are successfull bloggers, entertainers, personas with SUBSTANCE. With humility. With miles, universes, less ego/selfcenteredness/dipshitishness/shallowness/uppity faux-wannabe-rodeo drive-clawing urge. There are. Tons. Do you really think this “business girl” is the only one who’ll get you anywhere?”

Please leave me alone

These arrived while I was out with my mother. I blocked this guy on twitter who started an account EXCLUSIVELY to harass me while someone else started another one as @bipolarskank because I started one called @blogslave for my blog slave. I blocked them both and retweeted one of the disgusting things this teeteeticka character said and claire said she saw it and was disgusted. It really was a doozy, I forget what he said but it was so polarizing that I had to retweet it. I make content out of this garbage. He reveals himself in everything he says, my commentary is unnecessary. I didn’t even read the second email just replied with please leave me alone. Their twitter pic alludes to their being a man but then that comment about me talking about weight seems very girlish which is funny because it makes you react differently based on the possibility of a different gender delivering this garbage.

That being said, I know that I am real and I know that I like to establish grandiose goals for myself and then I reach them, so what le fuck? You get in my way, you try to bring me down, you email my clients, my mother, you spread shit and hate about me, you are obsessed with me admit it! It’s ok too! I mean, really, maybe one day you won’t do any better but it’s not my fucking fault, it’s yours! This is my blog, I made it out of nothing, out of free! We are all given the same access and opportunities for the most part in life, start your own blog, guy. Dye your hair blonde! Go to Rodeo Drive you are obviously obsessed with starlettes or tmz, sorry for wanting blond hair? You have woman issues, whatever gender you are. Anger issues too. Why don’t you get a therapist or you can send me $100 and I’ll counsel you cos honestly, your mental problems are yours to deal with, I got my own thank you very much.

This hangover is brought to you by a wicked party from last night.

Go live and love your lives and kill them with awesome!

28 thoughts on “Go live and love your lives

  1. Man. Not sure how you deal with all this.

    I support you Raymi. And I don’t need to pick apart your blog, or you, or anything surrounding you for that matter. I just support you because you are a human being, doing what you do.

    Key words here: human being.

    I hope that EVERY SINGLE ONE of these people live fucking golden lives, because for them to shit all over you the way that they do? They better be Jesus Christ himself.

    What REALLY makes me mad for you though, is that YOU are not forcing any of your opinions, words, etc on anyone, yet you are the one being hated on. These assholes are emailing and commenting (forcing) their opinions and words on YOU, yet they think this is ok. Nope.


    Seriously, keep doing what you do. For my sake! Haha!

  2. I’m guessing the troll is admitting you are smart, but is saying “do what you do”, while being humble
    He also doesn’t get your unfiltered neurosis style of writing.

    There are always going to be stalkers and the obsessed on the net
    but its beyond me why you don’t just delete the negativity

    I for one, hate these posts. A list celebrities won’t even acknowledge trolls. You give them too much of a platform. Deleting and not reading is the way to go.

    Secondly, its the deep writing and photography that brings me back.Not these fluffy chaotic troll pieces. I don’t agree with everything you do in life, but none of us are perfect and live and learn.

    Celebrate your gift and concentrate the most on this and other projects.

    Getting lost with the trolls just creates bottom feeder reading.

  3. maybe this blog isn’t for you then mom? it’s content, every thing on this blog = content, whether it be a finger painting, a video of me dancing, pictures of you drunk at the keg… i don’t care to cater to the requests of my audience, this blog is through the looking glass, commenting on it at all is a privilege. posting the hate is a means of therapy for me, once i hit publish i am over it. the posts then get revisited. Just get over it or don’t read it, I’m not “rising above” shit if i don’t expose their vitriol and often they see it and feel immense shame, sometimes apologize and turn the other cheek while others get off on it being the sick people that they are. Maybe when I ask you to stop doing things that piss me off in the future if you listened I might take your advice, you don’t, so I won’t. I’ve been steering this blog for eleven years. I know what I am doing.

  4. “….Cut that shit short. No one it buying except you sad little Raymi turd loser army …”
    Dude I got insulted in these emails too. I’m a sad little Raymi turd loser cause I love your blog? Ahhhh eff it. How do you deal with this haterade Raymi? I think you’re right it’s good to get content from emails I just wish they were positive emails.

    You work your freaking ass off and get slammed with horrible messages. Ugggh. Dammit!

  5. raymi enter the canada writes short story contest. first prize is 6 grand. six other prizes 1 grand each.

  6. So you attack me instead

    These negative trolls come back for more when you give them an audience.They thrive on it. Its the only voice they have and they revel in the negative attention. You can’t shame them, its who they are. they don’t care.

    And no, I don’t agree with everything thats posted but its your blog. And maturity is knowing that not everyone will agree with what you say or do, and thats ok. And its only human to make mistakes.

    Good luck with dealing with the trolls, just know when one goes away, theres another and another so best not to let them feed off of you. Its a waste of negative energy and writing space.

  7. all i’m saying mom is the day you take my advice will be the day i take yours, which will be never so don’t waste our breaths.

  8. when they attack my readers they’re attacking the idea of a group/pack mentality and proving more about the theory of exclusion (that’s in their head). 1. i hate this blog and 2. there are little raymis of Raymi’s so I must address them too. This person is attempting to discredit any lick of merit or achievement that I have that’s sound and legitimate and discounting it in the stupidest way ever, “oh yeah maybe a few like you but that’s only because ____.” BULLSHIT. if people make time to come here when there are so many other places to discover and hang out, yeah i’d be insulted too.

  9. @christine: whenever something shitty happens/is said about me I retaliate with awesome. oh whats that I suck? well then, here is my amazing life and the amazing shit I got up to thanks to being amazing and awesome and hilarious, don’t like it? I know!

  10. words to live by.

    that’s similar to how i approach every (disastrous) break-up i’ve ever been through. the best revenge is a life well lived.

  11. I’m sorry these people are aggravating you & more sorry to see you & your mom butt heads over it, but (turn away, tk) if your response is to go topless, I’d be lying if I said I was totally upset about this ruckus. (You can look back now, tk. All I was telling her was to be nice to you.)

  12. No no no! Don’t get her turned on me. There’s no way I want to stick my head into that hornet’s nest. My mom drowned all the dumb babies. I was just trying to make a joke, and not feel too pervy about you being topless with you mom in the room. I hope things settle down there with all the crazies.

  13. don’t sweat it johnny. she just knows how bad they get and they torment her too and would like them to see zero reaction out of us but again, they can’t break me so they’re just spinning their wheels. it’s everyone telling me how to react to them that pisses me off.

  14. I don’t stick my nose in everyones business, just yours because I have to
    And I’m not arguing with you while your standing there with pasties on

  15. why dont you stop telling me how to blog tracey? why dont you STOP, EVER? these aren’t nudes, nipple pasties. take your own advice, facebook album picture overload. TRYING TO WORK RIGHT NOW go away im on deadline.

  16. lauren is more real then most women i have met in my life. if only more people in this world said exactly what they wanted to say more often then not, things could change in this world.

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