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My hair is ridiculous. When you have platinum hair the texture of the follicle turns delicate, doll-like. Luckily my hair is resilient and can take a lot. My hair is all virgin platinum too, I only do my roots, never double-process and because of my new-found texture it goes wavy like that. My hair was perfectly straight last night and in bed I sweated like a junky withdrawing and now my hair is declaration of Independence wavy, with a little gay ponytail. I need a ruffled shirt to complete the look.

I can’t be arsed to blog proper today. I just spent an hour on the phone with rogers, got my bloody hardware upgrade and a brand new blackberry on the way which is more than half stupid as today internationally every blackberry is taking a dirt nap. I need the keyboard, if iphone had a keyboard I’d get one. They don’t, so I didn’t. I am not a robot and this isn’t the matrix, I blog, I type, you can’t change me.

I like when new trolls discover me, they fall all over themselves starting up dummy twitter accounts to troll me and comparing me to heidi montag. So naive and lazy these reactions to all things RTM.COM it never changes. They’re like this OMG WHAT? Pictures of herself! SO MANY! And her clothes! OOOH ^&%#&$#&! Like seriously people did you just stumble into the internet yesterday? How else do you get people interested in your life if you don’t fucking show it?

When I visit, Rocky only hangs out in two places now, the computer desk or my dad’s room. Stella the dog has something to do with that though she loves and tolerates cats, lives with two.

These kittens sell for $900. My uncle’s cat has popped out its third or second litter now.

Someone said elsewhere on the internet that I am built like Amy Winehouse. I think they meant hip bones. I am fine with that. Raymi Finehouse.

Papa was protecting this one from the rest of the family but I said he was killing it, its arms and legs were wedged in the couch like a fawn. This was the lap-cat of the lot. Mewling in your ears ahhh bless it I am a total kitten groupie.

I was holding back tears in this photo cos I knew I looked like an idiot and this was my first ever portrait (that I was conscious of) and I was totally nervous ps. thanks mom for curling my bangs. NOT.

Gwen Stefani is prettier as a person.

That’s my dad at 17.

Even if I wanted to “blog” I couldn’t cos all my shots are on my blackberry and can no longer email to myself. I was like, to customer support, I CAN’T WORK LIKE THIS ANYMOOOOOOOOOOOORE! Do something or I’ll go mental.

Feather earrings may be in but if they look artificial, you can’t wear them. When people jump on trends so quick they don’t always bother to get it right. As for these ones, pretty real. For seagull feathers. Haha they’re not.

Ps. these ads are all over town and if you see one be sure to go up and yank your lingerie from the poster. Too cool, they refill them as well. I’ve decided to go sexier with RTM, back to basics, things I should’ve done years ago but I let stupid bitch whiners get in my ear. CYA! Totally have a case of the Mondays on this Wednesday. I don’t know how I’ve blogged for all these years or forced myself to do so whilst feeling so aggro.

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