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Time can never kill the true heart

Hey sports fans!

Ahh love me a do-nothing post. THESE are the rewards that make all the hustle worth it. These in-betweeners, they help me get through the scary landscape what is my mind, life. How many neurotics out there reading? How often do you worry about your place in society, status quo, business, I dunno. WORRIES. Man, what a drag.

A guy I dated once said he loved the fantasy world I created for myself. The make believe. What are you talking about? In the same breath he called me a charlatan. What the fuck is that? We were in bed naked together and I laughed. It was actually a compliment cos it means I coast on dreams pixie dust fume sparkles. But can I forever?

I’m just as scared as any of you. Imagine of all the doubts you had about yourself daily were amplified ten fold, ten times when you least expect it throughout the day something intensely disdainful was thrown your way. I think you’d be exactly like me, worse.

I have always taken matters in to my own hands my entire life. I can’t? Watch me. Cue spitting dust and pebbles.

While sitting here three insane facebook messages came through about my age, how I should hang up my heels. Other putrid stuff as if written by psycho ward demon. The way a person writes, their typos and grammar, it’s a massive impression from their soul cos emotions tend to get affixed to the words they choose and if you’ve been reading for eleven years it’s like waiting for the fuse to go out and BOOM. All crazies eventually snap.

I had written on my facebook to not spam my wall, as a status update, directed at no one and everyone. This guy LOST IT. Anyway, I will only have to get used to this, and more of it. I know right? SO wrong.

So apparently when I sound off anger on the internet it warrants a massive cataclysm.

Why do you think I train like a nutcase? One of the guys on Survivor said if you didn’t do any sort of exercise, training, working out before the show, then you’re an idiot.

That’s lucas. See him tonight at adventurehouse VII. Or me, rather.

I spy Diamond.

Too many possessions.

I met with my book agent yesterday and got him to light a fire under our asses. Outline due Tuesday. I’m more of a show don’t tell girl so I say no more.

Need to do something about the Harth hive lighting, I look grey here.

Do you know what Harth stands for? HARMONICA AVALANCHE RADIO TOOTHPICK HOUSE. Ask again and get a completely different and fun answer. That is how we do. No seriously they told me Hurricane Alf Rocketship… Lets see what Diamond says when I interview him. I heard a rumour he is shy. Isn’t that adorable!

St. patty’s day owl, a knight guy representative of something funny I forget and me Oktoberfest wench. This is the Halloween user group meeting. Seriously this is like hanging out with JPOD. I love it.

This was a very busy day for me I was on a warpath and BBMing non-stop. I changed into my costume in the car in front of two garbagemen up in their garbage truck looking down and into the windshield replete with headlights. It will definitely make the life highlight of 2011 cut. Sean was like they’re all in here in costumes waiting for you and like the team player I am I couldn’t get my shirt off fast enough. Luckily I threw this costume in to my Nella Bella Gym bag in planning to wear it in our ANDY MILONAKIS video. There was also a totally weird french guy and other strangers. This was a partial major duping because I have nothing but s-e-x costumes I wanted to throttle sean but I was too busy bbming Joey. UGHHHH hahaha.

Squeezed back in to my nearly naked burlesque two-piece set. Dug it.

Hodge glitter-podged James Dean from rebel w/o a cause on to butterface pin-up girl. You can claim him if you donate to my aboutface charity. My paintings at base sell for $300. Truth. My thermometer is embarrassingly at 0. I got donations already toward Jenn’s, but I still had to register for legal purposes in case I die up there but yeah, this time I am rewarding a Little Raymi with something nice. Second prize donation is my Rasta designer toothbrush haha. I am walking the CN Tower on October 28 at 8 in the morning. Oh my god. O_O. I’ve climbed mountains and high structures before but this, I dunno. At least it’s for charity. Jenn’s is up to $645! Amazing. She has three boys with cleft palettes and AboutFACE is a charity that helps those kids with skills for the future, they go to camp and have a wonderful experience like “normal” kids and then I fall off the CN Tower. I’ve never been UP the CN Tower before. They give you a breathalyzer too.

I told my therapist about all the insane things I do and he was like, wow. I’M STRESSED OUT OF MY MIIIND! HAhaha. You know every time someone goes, man I’m so ____ I’ll jump out of a window! Or off a building. Kay nevermind that joke doesn’t make sense cos I’m not jumping, or falling, I HOPE! I would black out on my way down if I bungee jumped. I made a hot air balloon ride joke to my dad as a non-sequitor “what’s new?” once and he completely lost his mind on me. Woah was TOTALLY KIDDING. he’s used to my stupidity these days. Looking forward to his band’s gig tomorrow in my beloved Burnoutington.

This tender amish moment ruined by yours truly. CHOOSE ELECTRICITY STAY! STAY! The modern world is calling. Actually I would love to trade places. I could write for the village newspaper on the side of a cave bahaha. Mennonites fascinate me. Wonder if they ever google themselves. I know someone who gave a bunch a lift once cos they built the barn on their property, what? You’ll go to hell if I drive you, get out and hoof it Jebediah!

Up Ossington.

These shoes make me laugh, so geeky. Yuppie bait!

Have to get back in to burlesque spirit. Shit dog I never left. Maybe I should go to a strip club and take notes. We did in Quebec City. Funny night man they are smooth operators.

Blowing through film to see if I am doing it right, I need to take it out I think.

Leslie’s like you will NEVER mail that. The soap made it like ten times more expensive to ship, it’s a brick.

Name the artist.

This is a dreamy little place. I left with 15 bags of coffee to-go for ten bucks? Fifteen? Forget but it’s delicious and each bag is a full pot, they cut out the thinking for me. Cafe Barnate, hidden gem I have never stepped in before.

It’s gorgeous out so it’s time for a spin with Stella.


12 thoughts on “Time can never kill the true heart

  1. looks like you’re gaining weight again.
    would love to see you and mom pose nude together … maybe even make a little video together. :-)yummy

  2. Wow. Way to go atti.

    Don’t even give that shit a second thought, with that 10x normal human neurotic brain of yours Raymi. I was actually just going to say that you are looking mad hot in yer bra and jeans- AS A FRIEND! Sears. Stay happy and healthy. Atti just wants your attention because he likes you… and your mum.

  3. well they just helped me watch my waistline all weekend long so there’s that :)

    thanks arran are you watching bb uk? can you get them to fly me into the house directly because they are my best friends they just dont know it yet!

  4. we are addicted. you have 32 episodes to catch up on, only 3/4 have been evicted sill many more weeks to go. i have a newcastle/jordy/manchester accent now.

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